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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Gay Mafia Have NO Tolerance for Christians!

Christian churches ‘must be made’ to affirm homosexuality, says New York Times columnist
A New York Times columnist and a corporate leader have agreed that Christian churches “must” be convinced, or coerced, to change their teachings on sexual morality and abandon an “ossified” doctrinal teaching that sex outside heterosexual marriage is immoral. 
Frank Bruni wrote that traditional Christianity – whether among evangelicals, Catholics, or Orthodox – provides the greatest resistance to normalizing homosexuality in the United States in a recent column in the New York Times....
Bruni quoted furniture tycoon Mitchell Gold, who has used his millions to found a liberal pressure group Faith in America, writing that Gold believes Christian churches “must be made 'to take homosexuality off the sin list.'” 
“His commandment is worthy — and warranted,” Bruni added.
Ah, yes...the commandments of God mean nothing; the commandments of Mitchell Gold are, well, gold! The article points out that the Episcopal Church lost over 600,000 members (12%) after it changed its teaching, or rather God's teaching, on homosexuality to fit modern sensibilities.  Seems like the average man in the street has more sense than many modern Pharisees.Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan calls for Christian churches to, "Just say no!" and prepare for civil disobedience. Amen to that.

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