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Friday, April 17, 2015

Faux Man May Be First "Trans-Man" on Cover of "Men's" Health

Check her DNA. She's not really a man biologically. She's a woman who mutilated her body by having her breasts cut off and pumped what was left with male hormones to produce body hair and a more muscular build. She's in a lesbian relationship with her "wife" and is likely to be the icon for "men's" health. (See article and photos here. Note that regardless of all the hormones Dowling still has a woman's hip structure. You can't fool mother nature.)

When the "ultimate man" is a woman, you have to wonder how much nuttier the culture can get.

And here's a comment from the friend who alerted me to this crazy situation:
My new name for such things is “tran glam”. We’re supposed to think that transgendered people are glamorous, cool, that it’s normal to “transition” to the opposite sex, yet she (person in that article) still has all her female apparatus, except for breasts which were removed in “top surgery”.

Yesterday it was Chastity Bono leading the tran glam world, today it’s Bruce Jenner. They and the Hollywood stars with their fat, botoxed lips and plastic surgeried face muscles frozen in time are hideous to look at.

I saw “then and now” pictures of Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman) and she doesn’t even look like the beautiful girl she once was. She looks like a completely different woman. One has to wonder how that Big Meeting in the Sky will go when she/they appear before Almighty God. They’ll say, “Hi…I’m So-and-so, remember me?” And God will look at them puzzled and reply, “No. You don’t look familiar. I don’t remember making you.”

After that I wonder how the conversation will flow. “Oh yeah, that. Well, I wanted fatter more younger lips, no wrinkles, a different jawline, and, oh yes – a different gender.”

The tran glam girls and boys will have to explain.
I asked my friend why she thought a handsome man like Burce Jenner would choose to butcher his body to become an ugly woman. Here's her reply:
And the answer to your question is that I wonder how much money the tran glam world is paying Bruce Jenner. In addition to money - and they probably pay for his surgery to promote tran glam – he gets fame from press coverage. In People magazine (I picked it up in the doctor’s waiting room on Tuesday) one of his kids said, “He’s the most normal person in our family.

That statement was made to promote tran glam as being normal, and also it says that “normal” to Hollywood obviously means abnormal to normal people.
There'll be plenty of "splainin'" for all of us, when you get down to it. But some will have more splainin' to do than others.

Remember...repentance, confession, and atonement are the path to God's forgetfullness of our sins. If you want a happy meeting at the pearly gates, go to confession to day, make a firm purpose of amendment, and be resolved to do all in your power to refrain from sin in the future. We all fall. The key to salvation is getting up and resolving to do better.

Today, I'm praying for all those who hate the way God made them. I hope we meet merrily in heaven. But only those who love God and love His commandments will be there. Please join me in praying for our poor, deceived brothers and sister.

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