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Monday, April 20, 2015

Church Mice Roar to Defend Archbishop Cordileone from the Dissenters' Snare!

The Church Mouse That Roared!
The "progressive" Catholic elite who hate Church doctrine might want to get their claws into Archbishop Cordileone, but their efforts appear to be backfiring. While 100 prominent, dissenting Catholics signed a full page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle stabbing the archbishop with their long knives and calling for his removal, a poll at SFGate found 86% supporting the archbishop. (The number of voters isn't revealed.)


What's particularly exciting is that faithful Catholics are organizing an Archbishop Cordileone Support Day Family Picnic at a popular park. The Missionaries of Charity are providing games for the children. There will be a mariachi band, a puppet show, and a bounce house. Attendees are urged to wear blue (for the Blessed Mother?) as a sign of solidarity. The group is providing drinks and asking families to bring their own picnic lunch. Videographers will be on hand to record messages of support for the archbishop or families can pen written messages instead.

What an exciting event! Makes me (almost) wish I lived on the West Coast.

Thank God for the wonderful Catholics who used evil to create an opportunity for good (just like our Blessed Lord does).

Pray for the success of this event and please sign their support petition!

Remember the fable about the mouse and the lion? The lion releases the little mouse when he begs for mercy and the mouse promises to help the lion sometime in the future? The lion laughs. What could a mouse possibly do for a lion? But when the lion is caught in the hunter's net, it is the little mouse who comes to the rescue gnawing the cords that ensnare the lion. Well...the mice are gnawing the snare set by the dissenters. Let us pray that the park is so full of "mice" on May 16th that the whole world hears their roar!



Catechist Kev said...

If only it was the same for the Kansas City/St. Joseph bishop, +Robert Finn.

Anonymous said...

This is so fabulous! Many of us in other parts of the world (we are in England) are following this story. We belong to the "League of Church Mice" too and are praying very much for the Archbishop - that he will stay strong and be of good courage in this endeavours.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree, Kevin. What's happening to Bishop Finn is shameful. I don't understand those who promote heresy being treated like royalty, while those who are orthodox seem to always get the mailed fist.

Robert_Caritas said...

The link you posted to the petition is broken! Here is a working one:

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you! I made the change.

secondeve said...

Anonymous says"The League of Church Mice!" Any mous, you are an English genius! May I adopt your title?