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Friday, April 24, 2015

New Spa-Like Abortion Mill Tries to Destigmatize Ripping Babies Apart

Spa-like abortion mill in D.C.

They can dress it up all they want, print stickers that say "abortion on demand without apology," show glamorous women bragging about killing their babies.... In the end, it won't work. Because mothers know they aren't carrying a turnip or a cantaloupe. You can't fool Mother Nature. It's a baby that's ripped from the mom's womb or chemically killed. You can dress it up, but, as they say, a sow's ear will never be a silk purse. Abortion is a bloody, murderous act and, no matter how lovely the setting where the murder takes place, it's still murder and the victim is just as dead. Pray for the women who choose it and those who make a living killing babies.

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