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Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Need Real Knights Ready to Defend the Faith!

What do you think of when you think of a "knight?" I imagine a strong man, a man of integrity and self-control, a man who loves God, his country, and his family. I think of a man ready to stand in the gap upholding truth, defending what's good and battling against evil. The Knights of Columbus was founded for exactly that -- to defend the faith and support widows and orphans. Yes, a primary focus was defending the weak and vulnerable against unjust attack and exploitation.

So when Norfolk Council 3845 invited extreme pro-abort Terry McAuliffe to be the Grand Marshal of their St. Patrick's Day Parade they betrayed everything the Knights stand for. If nothing is done about this travesty, if the council proceeds without consequences, the Knights might as well fold up their tents and go home. They have abandoned the field of battle and left it to the enemy of life. Any man who turns his back on the most vulnerable member of our human family is a coward.

But what can be done? At the bare minimum, join the effort to expel the council from the K of C. Sign the petition posted by Knight Pete Barker of Virginia Beach Council 10601. And then share it far and wide urging all your family and friends to join the effort calling the K of C back to their roots. As of this afternoon only 52 people have signed the petition. Many more would if they knew about it. Won't you pass the word?

When men act like men and take the field of battle under the banner of Christ, great things can happen. You don't need to be a knight to sign the petition. Won't you help? Call on the Virginia State Knights of Columbus to disband renegade council  3845 and restore the honor of the Knights as a courageous pro-life organization.