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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Putting First Things First

I like to blog in defense of the faith and western culture, but it isn't a major priority in my life. That belongs to God and my family. I'll probably be blogging intermittently and shortly the next few days because we have four little granddaughters visiting at present and, when their parents return on Friday, they will bring four cousins who are staying through the weekend while their mom and dad travel to Massachusetts so mom can run in the Boston marathon.

To be honest I am never happier than when I'm surrounded by family and I always try to make things fun. So we are planning a princess tea party this week and today we made pine cone fairies as favors for the six little princesses who will participate. You can check out the fairies at Camp Kreitzer. But here's a preview. I call these the fairies with the crazy wings. We used some foam sea creatures to make coral and crab wings and a crab crown. The green "hands" started life as frog legs. But if you could see this fairy up close she looks like she has her hands on her hips, so she's the fairy with attitude.


Anonymous said...

From Calif.

Sounds like fun. My three granddaughters and I are busy off and on making rubber band bracelets, necklaces and rings. I bought the La Rose looms from JoAnne's Fabrics.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Those look like fun! One of my granddaughters must have that because she gave me one of those bracelets.