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Monday, April 6, 2015

Pizza Business Targeted by Gay Hate Campaign Garners Massive Support

I love these people! They are just little guys who served pizza to anyone in the community. They were ambushed by leftwing media and became the target of a vicious homosexual hate campaign including death threats and arson threats. If you missed the original story, go here. The outpouring of support for these folks is inspiring. It gives me hope that the gay juggernaut will ultimately meet a rock wall of resistance that takes their intolerant attack on Christians all the way down to hell where it belongs.

Congrats to The Blaze for supporting Memories Pizza. The Go Fund Me page has raised over $800,000 for this family. When that little gal spoke up to support her family's convictions she had no idea that ultimately she would see this kind of financial reward. Let's hope this has a chilling effect on the gay hate campaign against Christians. They want to destroy people not make them millionaires. This time their vicious behavior backfired. let's hope that becomes a trend!

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larry davis said...

The gays are a fascist group. We need to protect our innocent children from gay marriage and the gay agenda. The children are the collateral damage of gay marriage. Children are not just being asked to accept gays but to participate in gay relationships.