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Saturday, April 18, 2015

RIP, Gilbert Blythe... real life - actor Jonathan Crombie. Only 48, he died April 15th of a brain hemorrhage. Anne of Green Gables fans will miss him, me included. Anne and the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice are my favorite films ever.

So many of the actors who made Anne so memorable are gone: Colleen Dewhurst so perfectly cast as the somewhat crusty Marilla Cuthbert; Richard Farnsworth as her brother Matthew, shy and sweet and absolutely smitten with a talkative little girl; Charmiion King as the rich and bossy Aunt Josephine. Ah...what joy these creative souls continue to bring to those who love Anne and her life on Prince Edward Island.

Did you know that Anne was one of Mark Twain's favorite characters? After reading Laura Montgomery's book, he sent her a letter congratulating her for creating “the dearest and most moving and delightful child since the immortal Alice.”

I agree! And the next time I watch Anne of Green Gables I will thank the Lord for bringing together all the talented people who created a memorable film that will go down as a classic entertaining generations to come.

I can't imagine how Anne of Green Gables and its sequel could have been better. I think I'll have a marathon session this week -- six hours of filming until the first sweet kiss.

I'm going to have a mass said for Jonathan Crombie in appreciation for the joy he brought to me, my children, and my grandchildren. Rest in peace, all you dear ones who brought Anne and her adventures to life.


  1. One of my all time favorites on PBS. I loved Coleen Dewhurst - she was married to George C. Scott and her son is Campbell Scott. Did you know she played the Archangel in The Nun's Story? She was the patient who attacked Sr. Luke.

  2. This is sad news! :(

    I also enjoyed the "Anne of Green Gables" movies and the novels.
    One year, Maryland Public TV ran an all day marathon of the 3 "Anne" movies as part of pledge week. I was in high school at the time. The 3rd movie "Continuing Story" departed from the original books yet it was worth watching.