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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday: The Mass of the Lord's Supper

The Last Supper - Natalia Tsarkova (2002)

This artwork appeared in the Holy Week Magnificat. What struck me especially is that Jesus sits alone with the beloved Apostle, the only one who will be at the foot of the cross. All the others are on the opposite side of the table. It seems a foreshadowing of their abandonment of the Lord. The moment captured is the instant after Jesus tells them one of them will betray them. Peter raises his hand in horror declaring his intention to die with Jesus if necessary. Judas in his red cape reminds me of a cartoon devil. All he needs are horns and a pitchfork. The others, in various states of shock, can almost be heard asking, "Is it I, Lord?" And Jesus looks back at us with almost a mournful gaze. "Will you betray me too?" he seems to ask. I think of all the times I have betrayed the Lord and cry out, "Please, Lord, give me the grace never to betray you again."

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TLM said...

AMEN!! Please give us the GRACE never to hurt you again!!