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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Homosexuals in the Military is Such a Good Idea, Eh?

Defense Secretary: 10,400 Male Troops Subjected to 'Unwanted Sexual Contact' Last Year
"Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told a group of ROTC cadets on Wednesday that sexual assault is a 'particular challenge and a particular disgrace' to the U.S. military.
He noted that last year, far more men (10,400) than women (8,500) 'experienced unwanted sexual contact.'"
Is anyone really surprised?
You encourage homosexuals to join the military with large numbers of teenage recruits and expect no problems? You let homosexuals exercise authority over these youngsters and don't think some will use their positions to threaten and abuse?


The law of unintended consequences doesn't even come into play here. It's obvious that problems will arise if you allow homosexuals in the military. So not only do the recruits have to worry about the enemies outside, but the predators within. As for women in combat, don't even get me started.

Our military is no longer aimed at protecting our country. It is a politically correct social experiment where youngsters are the guinea pigs. Politicians who make the policies governing their lives, for example, insane rules of engagement, have less regard for them than lab animals. God help us! Pray every day for the young people going into harms way. Some of their biggest enemies work at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill.

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