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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Watch out for the lunch Nazis!

Mom "Lunch Shamed" for Sending Oreos

Mind your own darn business! The public schools are doing a horrible job teaching the three Rs. so what are they doing instead? Monitoring lunches, teaching sex and drug ed, banning dodge ball, and interfering in families' lives at every level. (Did you hear about the dad who got hell from the school because he and his wife took their third grade twins out of school for a long weekend (three days!) for the Boston marathon and to do the Freedom trail? Good grief!)


Unfortunately, monitoring lunches isn't the worst these folks are doing. They think it's okay to dispense contraceptives and chemical abortion pills to youngsters without parental consent and even take kids to abortion mills. In New York City, schools give kids contraceptives without parental consent. It is an opt out program, but how many parents are even aware of it? Of course, if their daughters end up in the emergency room, the schools won't be the ones taking responsibility for the damage.

More and more public policies usurp the authority of parents and place it in the hands of teachers and administrators, some of whom don't even know the kids. In 2014, a report out of Georgetown University (!) recommended explicit sex education to minors as young as 10 while their opinions are still "malleable." The attitude toward parents in this report is insulting and sickening! It's the schools and the experts who should discuss sensitive issues with children; parents are ill equipped and need to be bypassed.

Every time I read something like this, I am more and more convinced that parents who are able would be well-advised to home school. If you don't want your children trained in lust and groupthink before they can even reach the second shelf in your kitchen cabinet, keep them at home.

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