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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Enemies of Archbishop Cordileone Raise the Stakes with Open Letter to Pope Francis

San Francisco dissenters have raised the stakes in the attack on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone with an open letter to Pope Francis in the San Francisco Chronicle. One of their beefs is his support for Star of the Sea pastor, Fr. Joseph Illo. One of the signers of the ad admitted he didn't contribute to its cost and doesn't know who paid for it. (Source.) It would be interesting to be able to follow the money on this highly orchestrated attack on the Archbishop.

One strategy of these dissenters is to link the archbishop with the Star of the Sea flap over Fr. Joseph Illo's decision to have only boys serve at the altar which is a legitimate prerogative of a pastor. The dishonesty in the portrayal of his action as a tragedy and unmitigated disaster illustrates the lengths to which liberals are willing to go in advancing their agenda.

most of the prominent individuals attacking Archbishop Cordileone are Democrats and also support apostate Catholic Nancy Pelosi. (What I don't understand is how anyone, orthodox or heretical, can support Pelosi. She says so many dumb things she seems to need a brain transplant.) The dissenters have sparked a fire in faithful Catholics who are also planning a full page ad and open letter to the pope thanking the pope for Archbishop Cordileone's leadership. I just contributed to the ad. I hope you will too. The bad guys always seem to have bottomless money bag donors (like George Soros) to finance their evil, but the Church mice can give their little and have it add up to a bundle. Go here to make a donation.

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'DIS & 'DAT said...

Most of so called Catholics attacking Archbishop Cordileone support for abortion, fail to support Catholic Doctrine, give public scandal and are manifestly disobedience and uncharitable.

Now, we should all pray that Pope Francis direct Archbishop Cordileone to excommunicate the lot of them. I think most of us would be shockingly surprised but very happy with his courage and decisiveness.

Michael Dowd