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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bombshell Bio of Cardinal Danneels: Did the Cardinals' "Mafia" Get Bergoglio Elected Pope?

Cardinal Danneels admits being part of clerical ‘Mafia’ that plotted Francis’ election
If this is true, we are in bigger trouble than I thought. Read more about Danneels here. He favors abortion, same-sex marriage, and the Belgian Church did less than nothing to put impediments in the government's actions to advance assisted suicide and other legislation against life. The group is insisting now that they were NOT a lobby group. Cardinals may not "lobby" for a pope during a conclave. Apparently, it is not unusual before the conclave begins. 

Here's some interesting stuff from Edward Pentin's article:
Now they have stated that the “election of Bergoglio corresponded with the aims of St. Gallen, on that there is no doubt. And the outline of its program was that of Danneels and his confreres who had been discussing it for ten years.” 
They stressed that, as this goal was not met in the 2005 conclave, and the St. Gallen club no longer convened after 2006, their original quote gave the false impression that it was a lobby group rather than an informal one. Cardinal Danneels this week referred to it as a kind of "mafia" club.

Despite this, according to the new biography, after 2003 the St. Gallen group became of "strategic importance" with regards the 2005 conclave. 
The authors stress in the book that with its array of members including Cardinals José da Cruz Policarpo, then Patriarch of Lisbon, as well as Cardinals Martini, Danneels, Murphy-O'Connor, Silvestrini, Husar, Kasper and Lehmann, members of the St. Gallen group felt it could have “significant impact” if each of them used their network of contacts....
Cardinal Danneels’ two biographers do not mention in the book lobbying by ex-members of the group during the 2013 conclave. However, in The Great Reformer, Austen Ivereigh writes that members of the disbanded group and others, whom he calls “Team Bergoglio”, seized the initiative in the days leading up to the 2013 conclave to “promote their man.” They first confirmed with Cardinal Bergoglio that he was willing to become Pope, and then canvassed on his behalf.
One further piece of information. Cardinal Danneels home was raided by Belgian police in 2010 and he was questioned extensively about child sex abuse cases involving prelates including one, Roger Vangheluwe, the 73-year-old bishop of Bruges, who sexually abused his nephew for ten years. He resigned in April of 2010. What Danneels knew and when he knew it was the object of his 10-hour interrogation.

Danneels is one of Pope Francis' appointments to the Ordinary Synod on the Family next month. What is one to think about that?


  1. Thanks for posting this: I have now seen this bit of information growing on the Catholic Blogosphere, and it NEEDS to needs to be exposed far and wide and I would say someone with authority in the Church needs to 'check it out' eh?

  2. Now the Register is backtracking on the article!
    Nevertheless ,I am personally aghast by the Pope's true to form Jesuit Lib Theology as described so accurately in the older book 'The Jesuits' by Malachi Martin.