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Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Writing is Playing the Violin; Keyboarding is Playing the Triangle"

Good News for Good Handwriters

It can make you smarter: "cursive writing has been shown to improve left-right brain synergy and even promote the brain's language and memory functions."

Not only that, but it's beautiful. I like writing on a keyboard. I can probably think and write more quickly on my computer than on a legal pad. But I wouldn't even consider typing a thank you or sympathy note and every card I write (including the several hundred Christmas cards I send) gets a personal note. If your children aren't learning cursive in school teach them at home. One of Ghandi's big regrets (He describes it in his autobiography) was never developing beautiful handwriting.

Keep cursive alive. Send a letter or card with a note in cursive today (unless you are writing to a first or second grade student).

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