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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not Just Bakers Anymore: Doctor Expelled from Beth Israel Hospital for Warning about Homosexual Behavior

Hospital Panel Confirms Dr. Church is Guilty

Yes, homosexual behavior is dangerous. Ask some of the survivors who have watched close friends die from AIDS, Syphilis, and other horrible diseases. Talk to those who have suffered through reconstructive surgery to repair bowels damaged by repeated anal sex.
Many homosexuals live short, painful, disease-ridden lives. Their "rainbow" of happiness is a mask and a chimera. But a doctor who tells the truth is labeled hateful and discriminatory. This is akin to a hospital firing a doctor for warning a diabetic that his diet has made his disease uncontrollable and deadly or telling an alcoholic he is on a path to renal failure due to his drinking. It's madness!

Here's a bit from the article that should give pause to all people concerned about their health:
A frightening thing is happening in America’s medical community. Public health is under assault by the pro-homosexual movement. In a manner that can almost be considered demonic, medical truth that could affect millions of people is being censored by “educated” doctors obsessed with the lies of political correctness. It brings to mind the mentality of medical people who continue to defend Planned Parenthood after the unspeakable horrors that have been revealed. As always, along with this mindset goes a near-pathological hatred of Judeo-Christian religious belief. Good people must stand up to this. 
There’s also a certain Kafkaesque nature to this. The hospital is using the serious expulsion procedure against Dr. church that’s normally used against physicians who abuse patients or commit some kind of malpractice. Its case is built on a strange dictum that nothing can be posted internally that “could offend” any staff member. But at that same time, the hospital continued to email Dr. Church their pro-LGBT material, even after he asked to be taken off the list, which he (and others) said they found to be offensive. The hospital sees no contradiction at all.This is the brave new world we are entering. and the consequences of political correctness.
Dr. Church is the kind of man I would hope to advise and treat me and my family. But truth is no longer welcome when it offends privileged groups. Better for them to have their ears tickled while they kill themselves than to hear an offensive truth about their behavior. Beth Israel is no longer a professional medical establishment, but a world of make believe where those who speak the truth hear, "Off with their heads!"

Pray for sanity. We are living in a mad world and it's easy to become crazy yourself living in the midst of cultural insanity. So cling to the person who is truth Himself, Jesus Christ. He is the rock of sanity in a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

Lord Jesus, enlighten our hearts and minds to do your holy will.


  1. I'm hanging on tight to the hem of Jesus and climbing inside the Mantle of the Blessed Mother.......for ALL I'M WORTH!

  2. From California,

    It is truly demonic how they are getting rid of good doctors and putting in Dr. Mengele types. Here in California we are fighting the euthanasia bill and real fires that are making some of our cities and towns look like a living hell, literally. Please pray for the repentance of all Californians before it is too, too late.

  3. Elizabeth Scalia would say the doctor had it coming...

  4. And why would that be, Stephen? I don't read her much.