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Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Kim Davis is Right and the Judge who Jailed her is the Lawless One!

Kim Davis and Same Sex Lawlessness


  1. Excellent article - esp. the quote from Martin Luther King.

  2. I enjoyed three days of non internet days.

    I've notice a few items during my earlier on line conversations with those who support the clerks jailing. 1.) Ignorant of Civil rights law and the concept of reasonable accommodation 2.) Ignoring laws is okay if they are laws you already disagree with. 3.) Government officials like CA AG and SF mayor that ignore laws should be held to the same standards as the clerk but aren't (see my #2) and 3.) Hatred of Christians. This is just the start.

    Meanwhile at the NO parish I attended Sunday Mass, you'd never know there was any sort of crisis regarding the family and marriage. It's all about moving "to encounter our Lord in all the situations we may meet Him." If I didn't know better I'd think I was listening to some sort of universalist church clap trap.

    Plus it is really really HOT out here on the left coast!