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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will the Planned Parenthood Profiteers Get Away with It? Yes -- UNLESS -- We make the difference!

I received this email today from the Center for Medical Progress. Let's try to get this message to go viral. Planned Parenthood must not be allowed to get away with the murder of the unborn and their illegal profiteering on the sale of baby body parts. Let's keep talking about this, keep posting it, and keep bringing it up. Don't let the PP shills in the mainstream press succeed in freezing out information on the death dealing giant.

Dear friends,

Please forgive the generic nature of this message. However I have just learned that many people throughout the nation (over 60%) have not heard of or even seen the outrageous Planned Parenthood videos detailing the sale of human body parts and the violations of federal law.

The mainstream media has put out a blackout on the story and there have been no reports for over a month despite the 10 video releases showing the appalling behavior of Planned Parenthood executives. The latest release was this week.

Many people think that this one billion dollar abortion organization should receive no federal tax dollars.

However the media is already spiking the story claiming that Planned Parenthood has done no wrong.

This purpose of this email is simple.

If you have not seen the videos, please take the time to watch them. They are pretty horrific. They are very uncomfortable to watch. Click any of the links below.

Planned Parenthood is counting on the blackout to run out the clock. So is the media. We cannot let that happen.

Pass this on to everyone in your email list. Please do not let the media control the truth of what is happening.

Thank you.


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