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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fr. Brian Harrison Asks: Will Pope's Visit be Sunrise or Eclipse for American Catholics

Good question and good article. Somewhat chilling, however.
Indeed, even when speaking here to his own constituency – his fellow Successors of the Apostles – the Pope couldn’t bring himself to criticize the U.S. Supreme Court’s deplorable 5-4 decision of June 26th! All the Holy Father did was offer some very bland remarks of a more or less sociological nature. The Church, he said, cannot “disregard” the “unprecedented” social, cultural and juridical "changes" that are now having their “effects” (he doesn’t say bad effects) on “family bonds.” He added that since we Christians are not “immune” to social change, well, . . . we’ll just have to get used to this situation in which the sacramental and civil understandings of marriage are no longer as similar as they used to be. The only actual criticism the Pope voiced in this context was directed (yet again!) at social conservatives, not at the rising tide of homophile subversion, militancy and anti-Christian intolerance.
All along the pope has saved his harshest words for "me." I'm that "social conservative" who loves the Church, fights for the unborn and the vulnerable at any stage of life, urges people to reject contraception, encourages big families and home schooling, and debunks the unscientific knee bending at the altars of evolution and climate change.

So where are we going? Only time will tell, but Father's article is a sobering note. Pray for the Synod starting next Sunday and for all the bishops participating that the Holy Spirit will not be overshadowed by the spirit of the age which is decidedly unholy.

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