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Monday, March 4, 2019

85% of Journalists are Registered Democrats. Are You Surprised?

Kudos to Lara Logan for calling out the leftist bias of "journalists" many of whom never met a fact they couldn't twist to fit their biased narrative.

Think about MSNBC's Chris Matthews (with a barf bag at the ready) and CNN's Jim Acosta (ditto). We see graphic illustrations of leftist media bias all the time -- the Covington kids, the daily attacks on the president, the adulation of Planned Parenthood, activist reporters in pride parades, women't marches, etc. It is actually amazing to see this CBS reporter speaking the truth. Thank you, Lara Logan.

Here's a bit from Logan's refreshingly honest article:
Journalists are not activists. We may share the passion for a particular cause, but our job is to follow the facts wherever they may lead. We can’t ignore something that reflects badly on a noble cause, as an activist might. We have to care about the means as much as the end because our duty is to search for the whole truth. 

Nor are we lawyers in a court of law, cherry-picking facts to prove our case. Fortunately, there is only one truth. How we feel about it, how we perceive it, those things are subjective but the truth itself is not. 
Above all, we are not propagandists or political operatives. That is not our job.
She defines here what a "journalist" should not be. Unfortunately, many are -- i.e., "propagandists" and "political operatives." And that is why so many people no longer subscribe to mainstream media sources like the New York Times and Washington Post which are about as honest as Pravda. Don't you look forward to the days that they disappear altogether? Think of all the trees that will be saved. And isn't it delightful to think of all those biased reporters being forced to get real jobs? Doing a little honest work, like flipping burgers, is good for the soul!