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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Protect Children from Cognitive Dissonance!

UPDATE 6:30 P.M.: Those who oppose the actions of Archbishop Naumann and Fr. Maxim have launched a petition asking them to reconsider and allow enrollment of the child. We need to counter their action. Please sign the petition at TFP's Student Action's website. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke


My colleague at Restore D.C. Catholicism has a "must-read" post about the situation in Kansas of a same sex couple trying to enroll the child in their care at a Catholic school in Prairie Village. She points out the obvious fact that Catholic teaching is totally incompatible with the living situation of the child. Why would loving "parents" do this? How can it NOT put the child in a situation of cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance is actually physically stressful and damaging to those who experience it. How can a child who loves his/her caregivers not be torn in two by hearing in religion class that same-sex relationships are mortally sinful? Should moral theology be masked to avoid conflict? Since silence indicates consent, the religion teacher is put in the difficult position of knowing doctrine on marriage and chastity will disturb certain students and create internal conflict. And how can a child understand the relationship with God the FATHER when there is no FATHER in the home or, contrary-wise, the MOTHERHOOD of Mary?

Having children of same-sex families in the school also creates dilemmas and disunity in the school community. Do you allow your children to go to the child's home? I certainly couldn't. Do you invite the child to your home? What kind of conversations will be going on when the example of same-sex caregivers is so disordered? How will a relationship with the child impact your own children and their beliefs? What will PTO meetings be like? It's a mess, pure and simple!

As Janet says in the comment section, the "marital" situation of same-sex couples cannot be corrected, which is one reason you cannot compare the situation to those invalidly married or fornicating couples. Those situations can be repaired and most of us have examples in our own families. I was amazed when a priest friend, a military chaplain serving in another state, validated the marriage of a young relative. Same-sex unions, on the other hand, are mortally sinful and irreparable. The only way they can be resolved is through separation.

Please read Janet's post and take affirmative action by thanking the pastor and the bishop. We are quick to object and take action when something wrong happens. Let's be just as quick to say thank you. Janet posted the links to the parish and the chancery. Here's a quick referral. To send a message to Fr. Maxim go here. To send a message to Bishop Naumann go here. And pray for children being so scandalized today by the entire LGBTQ spectrum of insanity. There aren't enough millstones on the planet to remedy the situation!

Crucified Savior, have mercy on us.