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Thursday, March 14, 2019

One More Reason to Thank God for Donald Trump

The never-Trumpers include a fellow I used to rescue with at abortion mills back in the 1970s. He continues to pound the president and actually had the chutzpa to say Hillary Clinton was the "pro-life candidate." To this day he opposes just about everything that has a Trump connection.

Most of the other rescuers I know and went to jail with are as baffled as I am and just shake their heads. I can't help wondering if the babies in the womb are real to him or whether abortion was simply a political argument. He once tried to make the case that putting crazy glue in the locks of abortion facilities was "violent." It's a hard argument to win since an abortion mill has no legitimate reason to exist and to prevent the staff and women from entering has real potential to save lives. It's a way of "blocking the door" which is what we did with our bodies, using glue instead of people.

At any rate, our "common ground" these days has shrunk considerably. He did join a "dialogue" with the pro-aborts once though in trashing his pro-life "family." Nothing he says or does surprises me these days. I was praying for him last night at adoration.

With regard to his hostility toward Trump he's like a horse with blinders who misses most of the landscape. The reality is that Trump is the most pro-life president in history. And here's one more testimony to his impact, an email I received yesterday from Catholic Vote. God bless President Trump!:

Dear Mary Ann, 

It seems almost automatic. 

Federal courts nearly always rule against us. And throw out pro-life laws. 

But the times are a-changin' 

Yesterday, a federal appeals court based in Cincinnati voted 11-6 to uphold Ohio’s new law prohibiting state funding for organizations that perform abortions -- including Planned Parenthood.  

And you guessed it: four Trump-appointed judges voted in favor of respecting the will of the people, and keeping the law in place. 

IT’S SIMPLE: Elections matter. Judges matter! 

Just this week, the Senate confirmed Paul Matey to the 3rd Circuit Court based in Philadelphia. He is the 35th appeals court judge nominated by Trump to receive a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. And just today, the 36th appeals court judge was confirmed. Now, over 20% of sitting appeals court judges across the country are Trump appointees. 

But Matey’s confirmation marked another important milestone. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has now flipped from majority Democratic appointees to majority Republican appointees. Soon, the 11th Circuit Court is going to flip as well. 

I wish I could say that all of this didn’t matter. I wish we could say that justice was always blind and that our nation’s judges regularly put aside their own personal biases and opinions. But we all know that hasn’t been the case for a long time. 

The fight to hold the Senate and fill every last vacancy with qualified, constitutionalist judges has been the #1 focus of CV. Remember, these judges will serve for decades. They will serve no matter who wins the next election -- or next 5 elections! 

But this is only the beginning...  

Despite the good news, there still remain 144 judicial vacancies on our federal courts -- more than on the day President Trump took office. Most of these vacancies are for district court judges, the courts where most federal cases are filed. Remember, the Supreme Court hears less than 3% of the cases appealed to them.

But these nominations are bottled up in the Senate. Right now, there are 42 judicial nominees in the Senate pipeline, waiting to get confirmed. 

That’s because Senate Democrats are still demanding an unprecedented full 30 hours of floor time on almost every judicial and executive branch nomination! 

Senate Democrats are now doing everything they can to bring the work of the Senate to a crawl. 

That’s why CV has been pushing hard for reform of the rules. Specifically, we are calling on the Senate to reduce the hours of “debate” required from 30 to a reasonable 8 -- or even lower. 

Thankfully, a crucial Senate panel recently passed a resolution to break the logjam and approve nominations through a more reasonable schedule. 

Under the new proposal, cabinet secretaries, appeals judges, and Supreme Court nominations would still be eligible for 30 hours of debate - if needed. But lower level appointees like ambassadors, district judges, and sub-cabinet officials would be limited to two hours. 

This plan, offered by Senator James Lankford, R-OK, has our full support. 

Please CLICK HERE to contact your two U.S. Senators. 

If this level of gridlock continues, the next person elected president will have trouble staffing a government. 

Tell your Senators to break this logjam on nominations.  

Tell them you support Senator Lankford’s rule change on nominations.