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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Is the Party Over? Democrats Are Going Mad!

Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god of the
Aztecs, a combination of bird and rattlesnake.
He's associated with the wind, an appropriate
connection for a party reaping the whirlwind!
Democrat Crackpots are Breaking Up Their Party

On his show yesterday, Rush discussed the Stalinist tactics used by Democrat leadership imposing leftist insanity on every Democrat member of the House. Since a number of Democrats represent districts much more conservative than the party, these folks have to choose between political suicide by abandoning their constituents or political murder by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and AOC who are threatening them if they deviate one inch from the party line. It's madness! And it illustrates this quote from the ancient world.

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad."

The origin of this quote is somewhat ambiguous. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow put it in the mouth of Prometheus in his poem The Masque of Pandora. But various iterations exist in the ancient Greek and Rome. The one I think clearly identifies what's happening in the Democrat party is a line the Greek playwright Sophocles puts in the mouth of Antigone, his tragic heroine:
 "Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom gods lead to destruction."
Consider the posturing of leading Democrats these days and their talking points which more and more are phrased in moral, and even religious, terms. Many leading Democrats are talking about "morality." Building a wall is "immoral." Trying to limit a woman's right to kill her unborn baby is "unchristian." Letting a newborn baby die of neglect is a moral choice approved by God.

Watch Tucker Carlson's opening monologue from last night (first ten minutes of the video below). He's absolutely on target when he says the Democrat party has become a "cult." In their madness, they seem to believe what they say -- that they are on a mission from God to restore "morality" to the United States. They do it by banning straws, controlling cow farts, and...oh yes...celebrating infanticide.

They are following gods all right: Baal, Molech, Astarte, Kali, the Aztec's Quetzalcoatl, and finally Lucifer himself. It would be instructive for them to remember that these "gods" use men only to drag them to unending fire in the end. As Archbishop Joseph Naumann, head of the USCCB pro-life office, warned a few days ago:
“Advocating for intrinsically evil acts, like abortion, is a serious immoral act — one that involves grave matter, the prerequisite for the commission of a mortal sin.”
God is not fooled by posturing and empty talk about morality. He will judge us by how we treat the most vulnerable. Who is more vulnerable than the baby in the womb and newborns? Pray and fast for those teetering on the brink. All their money and power won't save them on Judgment Day if they die in unrepentant mortal sin, an outcome no Christian would wish on his fiercest enemy.


Gigi said...

Saw Tucker's opening last night - it was awesome. I have to admit I was shocked at the video clips he played of Dems using God for their immoral positions.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

And I cannot impose my morality that abortion is murder on anyone, that euthanaisa is mercy murder, that infanticide is well, just that, infanticide, via the state or legislation?

Becasue of the nonconstitutionaly mandated alleged "separation of church and state?" Why is it that these ISMS, democratism, totalitarianism, socialism, national socialism, always have policies and laws that result in the deaths of human beings, eventually millions of deaths? deaths of babies, deaths of the elderly, deaths of trisomy babies -Down Syndrome, deaths of hundreds of millions of girls in sex-selection abortions (what if that lillte girl identified as male?), deaths of any physically challenged, deaths of the diseased-and oh YES we the elties and the Ists in power with huge carbon footprints that are yes with cleft hooves, we will define 'disease', thank you very mucho.

Guy McClung, Texas

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Good questions, Guy! Meanwhile, the one-world government giant advances on us with the thundering footsteps of invaders heading toward our borders.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

MAK, Thank you. I forgot to mention a question about this: deaths of minority babies in the womb; total dead since Roe, 60,000,000 plus or minus [what's a few thousand dead babies?], with over half being MINORITY babies, 18,000,000 plus or minus black [what's a few million dead black babies? human weeds ala M Sanger] and 12,000,000 dead hispanic babies. This overwhelming % of dead future minority voters is just an accident Never mind! Guy McClung, Texas

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Eventually minority voters will wise up and realize they are nothing but vote fodder for the libs. They never saw a minority baby they wouldn't happily kill. So sad!