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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins: Slander and Racism in the Name of "Social Justice"

Indian activist Nathan Phillips racially targets
Mark Sandmann and his school mates whom
the media slander as  racist white boys. Who
are the real racists?
Mueller was careful to ensure the perpetuation of slander against Trump. Even though there was no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians, Mueller was careful to say only that there was “insufficient” evidence of such collusion, rather than no evidence of collusion. When there is no evidence whatsoever to prove an allegation, there is indeed “insufficient” evidence.

Zero evidence is indeed “insufficient” to prove a case, but the word “insufficient” implies that some real evidence does exist. In Trump’s case, there was no “evidence” aside from the set of unsubstantiated allegations composed for the Steele Dossier, at the behest of Hillary Clinton.
Ironically, there is more actual “evidence” to support the allegation, “All Catholic priests are child sex predators”, than there is to support the Democrats’ allegation that Trump colluded with the
Russians. At least there is real proof that some bishops and priests actually are sexual predators.

This is the type of reasoning that has guided the Democrats for two hundred years. It was the type of reasoning that “justified” the lynching of blacks in the Jim Crow South. An unsubstantiated allegation was seen as adequate to convict, torture and execute any black man for the sake of helping to promote the agenda of the KKK and to secure the political power of Democrats.

Sadly, in spite of this, the recent USCCB pastoral letter on racism was carefully worded so as to avoid any mention how the charge of “racist” has been used for decades in an unsubstantiated and slanderous manner by leftists in order to destroy any who dare to question or oppose their agenda of desecration and death. And note how many Church leaders have joined with Democrats in alleging that “Make America Great Again” is a racist “dog whistle”, and thus sufficient grounds for slanderously condemning students of Covington Catholic High School.
Then again, with the efforts of the Democrats over these years to incrementally make extreme perversions part of the mainstream of America’s life, as well as the apparent desire of some powerful clergy to clandestinely secure “fresh meat” to satiate their sophisticated sexual delectations, it is not surprising that high ecclesial honors continue to be given to those helping promote such perversions under the banner of “social justice”. Most recently, these “social justice” warriors have been trying to lower the voting age, and eventually the age of legal sexual consent, to sixteen years. This initiative to help legalize ephebophilia, the fancy word for the Islamic practice of bacha bazi, will be especially welcome by a number of unrepentant practicing homosexuals still in the ranks of our clergy.

The purging of perversion from our midst is going to require a degree of divine intervention, and
probably chastisements, beyond comprehension. Pray for the strength to endure the many dimensions
of the purgation, which will be required to extricate ourselves from the many perversions, which have, with the acquiescence of many of our spiritual leaders, been furtively and incrementally inflicted upon us under the Marxist banner of “social justice”.

Fr. Tom


Pauly Fongemie said...

Father, your observations are 100% correct. Words are now weapons to destroy those who are not sycophants to irrationality. Having so many such bishps? The chastisement is long underway. Bravo, Father!

Pauly Fongemie said...

Father, your observations are 100% correct. Words are now weapons of injustice on an attempt to control thought, especially that informed by a sensus fidelium. Bravo, Father!