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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Nabi warned Us that the Foxes Are Guarding the Chicken Coop in the Diocese of Wheeling....

And they still are! 

The poor Bride of Christ continues to suffer at the hands of abusive men. But the spirit is moving to clean up the filth of corruption through the secular hands of the state. The civil government isn't necessarily a friend of the Church, but if you read the Old Testament, you realize that God often used strange instruments to chastise his people. Attorney Generals in many states are now putting the Church under a microscope and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Hey, even a doctor with mixed motives can save your life in an emergency.

But, believe it! The Lavender Mafia is NOT going to go without a fight. And the bell just rang for round two in the Diocese of Wheeling. Round one was getting rid of Bransfield, but many of his cronies are still in power and many are indeed a threat to children and vulnerable adults!

Nabi revealed plenty about who was running the show under Bishop Bransfield and continues to run it now that he's gone. How many of the laity in their parishes realize the proclivities of some of their pastors? Darn few I would guess!

But that may be about to change.

On Monday the West Virginia Attorney General's office filed a complaint against Bishop Bransfield and the Diocese of Wheeling under the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. Today the diocese sent out a CYA letter to the people of the diocese (unsigned) in response. It reads in part:
As many of you are aware, the Attorney General of the State of West Virginia filed a civil lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Wood County, West Virginia, alleging that the Diocese has violated the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. The Complaint is based in part on information included in the Diocese’s November 2018 public disclosure of clergy credibly accused of child sexual abuse and on other information provided by the Diocese to the Attorney General over the past five months. The November disclosure by the Diocese contains details concerning both the dates of the alleged occurrences and the dates they were actually reported to the Diocese, which in many cases were decades later. Further, some of the allegations of misconduct contained in the Attorney General’s Complaint occurred more than 50 years ago and some are not accurately described. 
The Diocese will address the litigation in the appropriate forum. However, the Diocese strongly and unconditionally rejects the Complaint’s assertion that the Diocese is not wholly committed to the protection of children, as reflected in its rigorous Safe Environment Program, the foundation of which is a zero tolerance policy for any cleric, employee or volunteer credibly accused of abuse. The Program employs mandatory screening, background checks and training for all employees and volunteers who work with children. The Diocese also does not believe that the allegations contained in the Complaint fairly portray its overall contributions to the education of children in West Virginia nor fairly portray the efforts of its hundreds of employees and clergy who work every day to deliver quality education in West Virginia.
Sorry, Charlie, but this simply doesn't wash and we'll give you a few reasons why. A number of priests in the diocese have seriously problematic pasts that make them a threat to children and vulnerable adults.

Let me ask parents and grandparents reading this post a question. If you knew that a priest had a stack of pornography in his bedroom and even hung pornographic pictures in his living quarters, would you let your children hang out with him? What if you knew he had an arrest record for soliciting sex from an undercover cop? Would the fact that he committed sodomy with "age appropriate" adults relieve your mind and make you okay with his hanging around your handsome teenage son? Would you want him prowling around the parish school?

Nabi mentioned a number of clergy in the diocese of Wheeling who the AG would do well to examine:
Clergymen who were in high places such as Uncle Teddy McCarrick, Donald Wuerl, Michael Bransfield and lower ranking clergymen such as Manny Gelido, Larry Dorsch, Pat Condron (a former clergyman), Pat Wash, Alan Eddington, Harry Cramer, Colombo Bandiera, Dean Borgmeyer, Chuck McCallister, Bob Park and many more (including some vicars) have all participated in the materialistic view of human sexuality.
Let's examine some of these men and see why they shouldn't be anywhere near our kids!

To be continued....


  1. MARCH 23, 2019
    Canadian blogger restricted

  2. God Bless Fr John Gallagher as he appeals to the Supreme Court against Bishop Barbarito who retaliated against him for blowing the whistle on a fellow priest who was grooming a fourteen year old boy with pornography. The priest admitted he was a pederast even in India too and his Bishop knew it to the police and was sentenced. Bishop Barbarito had a letter read at every Mass in the Diocese that Fr Gallagher was insane and was just angry he wasn't promoted. The Diocesan lawyers used private Church policies as a defense and several times local courts ruled in their favor in line with the Constitution on separation of church and state.

  3. Coco2
    What does a priest do when it is his Bishop, to whom he has taken a vow of obedience, is the one who is unchaste, who does he report him to?