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Thursday, March 21, 2019

It's Magic: Human Rights Depend on Purple-Winged Fairies (Or Aliens)

Pro-aborts continually claim science for their point of view. Hey, pay no attention to that ultra-sound or the scientific measurements of brain waves and heartbeats. Babies  Blobs in the womb aren't human. They are cantaloupes? carrots? brussel sprouts?

Well, really knows when life begins, so who knows what's in the womb until it exits the birth canal.

And even then, it's not really human unless the mother and the doctor decide whether or not to let the whatever it is live. If the answer is yes, "Poof!" The whatever it is becomes human and can now be called a baby. Just ask pediatric neurologist and governor Ralph Northam who's on board with neglecting and starving newborns to death. Infanticide is the new Democrat position embracing with enthusiasm fourth trimester abortion. (Does that work for you?)

A Canadian millennial is offering new ways to look at human rights using satire to point out the inconsistencies and ridiculous denials of scientific reality that infect the pro-abortion movement. She debunks the "magical" acquisition of human rights and the claim that men are not involved and have no right to an opinion on life and death decisions about their own children.

Let's make her group, Choice42 (Choice for two) go viral. Thank you, Laura Klassen, for fighting for life! May your organization thrive and become a beacon  shining the light of truth on the ugliness of child killing in Canada!

And while you're thinking about it, why not divert a portion of what you would have put in the Bishop's Lenten Appeal to a pro-life group like Choice42. These little ones are like Lazarus at the gate from today's gospel.  Many of the princes of the Church pass them by on the way to demonstrate for open borders or do interviews on the evils of climate change. They ought to consider the pollution caused by the ashes spewing out of crematorium chimneys burning the bodies of our tiny holocaust victims! Our Lady of Life, pray for us!

Supporters of Choice42 at Canada's March for Life

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