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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fr. Tom Collins: Can Catholics Worship Both Jesus and Moloch?

When blasphemy goes mainstream,
Can the judgment be far behind?
Editor's comment: Fr. Tom raises some serious questions here about Catholics who pretend they are "devout" while they champion the murder of the innocent. And consider the serious responsibility that bishops have to admonish and call to repentance those who are risk their souls by embracing, even celebrating, a sin that calls out to heaven for vengeance. Let us take seriously this Lent the obligation to pray for the conversion of those who work to advance the culture of death and to work especially for our own conversion so we can be truth seekers and speakers who reflect the image of God to a world who needs Him so much!


A number of years ago, I read of a macabre Mafia practice, whereby arrangements were made to have an enemy seduced, so that he could be murdered in the act of fornication. In this way, it was thought that he would not only be killed, but also, having been denied any opportunity to repent, he would be eternally damned.

Over the past half century, a similar but even more sinister practice has come to be viewed as acceptable and even noble by a large number of Catholics. The practice they have endorsed as tolerable or noble is the deliberate denial of innocent babies the right to be baptized. Specifically, they have bought into the agenda that it is a form of “social justice” to kill pre-born babies, and thus to deny them the ability to be baptized.

 Some try to overlook this evil by asserting that God is so merciful that we can presume that such babies will enjoy the gifts of sanctifying grace and eternal life without Baptism. Yet, such an excuse rings hollow. The very nature of abortion includes attitudes and actions whereby those promoting this evil are de facto deliberately taking steps, whereby an innocent baby is to be deprived not only his/her natural life, but also access to supernatural life. As such, it is even worse than the Israelites who joined in the pagan rituals of child sacrifice to the god, Moloch, since the access to the life of sanctifying grace offered through Baptism was not available at that time.

 Thus it is that we now have millions of Catholics in a rather precarious spiritual condition. First of all, they assert that they are willing to tolerate or support the efforts of those who want to use the most hideous methods to ensure that innocent babies will not be able to enjoy life either outside their mothers’ wombs or in the bosom of Holy Mother Church. And secondly, they assert that the Eucharistic Christ Himself, with His Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, wills to support the sadistic rituals of abortion.

Sadly, recent history shows that priests who dare to withhold sacramental ratification of such a perverse agenda risk serious disciplinary actions by their bishops – just as did priests who sought to expose and stop clergy sex abuse of children in the late Twentieth Century. All this raises some serious questions (dubia ):

  •  First of all, do our bishops agree that Catholics are morally free to cooperate with efforts to exclude innocent babies from access to the life of sanctifying grace? 
  • Secondly, does the acquiescence of our bishops to pro-abortion Catholic politicians support the assertion that we are free to merely presume upon God’s mercy, rather than humbly appreciate that mercy by cooperating with sacramental disciplines established by Christ? 
  • Thirdly, do our bishops want us to believe that the Church has changed her teaching on the necessity of Baptism for salvation? 
  • Fourthly, since many bishops are acquiescing to those Catholics, who assert that the dismemberment of living babies is pleasing to the Eucharistic Christ, what other forms of barbarity does our compassionate Savior want to promote with the Eucharistic nourishment He offers his Church? 
  • Fifthly, do our bishops want to allow us to take steps, which incrementally identify the Kingdom of God with the New World Order and its Culture of Desecration and Death? And finally, has the precept in II Cor 6:15 been so abrogated as to allow Catholics to either worship Jesus with Moloch or to identify Jesus with Moloch?

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