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Friday, June 18, 2021

Common Sense from Michael Matt at The Remnant: Join the Catholic Counter Revolution!

Take Courage! We are experiencing the great Catholic awakening! Proclaim Jesus Christ as King! Have you enthroned Him in your home? If not, do it right away. Fill your home with blessed objects. Surround yourself with reminders to pray. Read your Bible. Pray the rosary. We have all the weapons of God at our disposal. The nukes are the Eucharist and Confession. So use them all and then never be afraid. Viva Cristo Rey!


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  1. As powerful as Satan is, as Lord If The World, he cowers in fear before Christ crucified and risen, and before all those who are with Him and His Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross.

    Satan - pure logic, pure knowledge, cannot comprehend the illogic of our Crucified Lord, who left His Throne in glory to incarnate through a created human in an anonymous, impoverished and unknown cave as His crowning act of Supreme Kingship. He cannot accept the illogic. We Christians proclaim the illogic boldly, dying to the world with Jesus, carrying our Crosses, all united in suffering with Him, to be alive forever hereafter. We give up everything so we can possess everything.

    “ And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”. John 1:5