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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Islam's heavenly rooster angel is white

اعتنق الإسلام أيها الكافر!

Last night I saw a nice looking black man wearing a gold chain around his neck with a large gold crescent moon and star hanging from it lying on his chest shown to the world by a his unbuttoned shirt. I wanted to ask if he was perhaps a slave trader of his own race. Or if he knew that the largest slave trader of black people in the history of the world is Islam and that it continues to this day along with black Muslims in Africa murdering other black people who are Christians. (Today black Christians in Africa are murdered by black Muslims; a few centuries ago black Christians were captured and sold into slavery by black Muslims.)  However, more than that I wanted to ask if he knew that the Celestial Rooster of Islam is white. And what, if anything, did he know about Muhammad's sky-rider, Lightning, the Seven Heavens of Islam and was he a pedophile.

People are ignorant about Islam's founding so I'm here to tell you the truth. Note that when looking up the Seven Heavens or Lightning or anything else pertaining to Islam on the Internet it's all written in language to persuade the reader of Islam's "beauty". Take away the excessive flowery language and we have exactly what was written about Islam for centuries before the advent of political correctness, globalism, and other swill that has entered our minds today.

Along with Islam's theological impossibility that God is mutable, the religion of Muhammad, which originated from the demonic seed of Satan in the cave at Hira, is filled with such silly nonsense as Muhammad's Night Journey on a winged horse (also white) with the face of a woman (white) and the Seven Heavens where the (white) Celestial Rooster (Islam's version of the Holy Spirit?) lives. In addition, the 72 virgins that a Muslim supposedly enjoys in Islamic heaven (which is really hell) are all white. (Racism!)

The story below is continued from HERE of Muhammad's description of his Night Journey from Humphrey Prideaux's Life of Mohamet. 

Please read between the lines where it says in big bold letters "This is the extent of Muhammad's pitiful imagination. He couldn't think of anything better than these stories because they. did. not. come. from. God."

Muhammad's heavenly rooster angel and the first of his "Seven Heavens"

When Muhammad and Gabriel arrived at the first heaven, Gabriel knocked at the gate, told the porter who he was and that he had brought God's friend with him by divine command. The gates, which Muhammad described as huge, were immediately opened.

Muhammad said that the first heaven was made of pure silver with stars hanging by chains of pure gold, each being as large as Mount Noho near Mecca in Arabia. In these stars angels guarded heaven to keep devils from approaching for fear they might overhear and know what was done in heaven.

On first entering heaven, Muhammad said he met an old decrepit man who turned out to be Adam, who immediately embraced him and gave thanks to God for so great a son as Muhammad, then asked Muhammad to pray for him.
سأشرف قتلك!
As he entered further Muhammad said he saw a multitude of angels in all sorts of of shapes; some angels were in shapes of men, others in shapes of beasts, still others in shapes of birds. Among those who appeared as bird shapes he saw a rooster as white as snow and so large that when his feet stood upon the first heaven his head reached up to the second heaven, which was the distance of five hundred years’ journey according to the rate traveled by camel on earth. However the people, as they related the matter of their prophet's seven heavens, thought it was much higher, saying that the head of the chicken reached up through all seven heavens to the throne of God. Muhammad said that the rooster's wings were covered with rubies and pearls and that it extended one wing to the east and the other to the west, at a distance proportional to its height.

Muhammad told the Meccans that the angel Gabriel had said that angels interceded with God for all living creatures on earth. Those angels shaped like men interceded for men; those angels shaped like beasts interceded for beasts; and those shaped like birds interceded for birds according to their several kinds. As for the great rooster, he was the chief angel of the roosters. Every morning when God sang a holy hymn this rooster always joined in with his crowing, which was so loud that all in heaven and earth - except men and fairies - could hear it, and then all the other roosters in heaven and earth crowed also.

Unfortunately, when the day of judgement draws near, God will command the rooster to draw in his jeweled wings and crow no more.  :(  😢 This will be a sign that Judgement Day is at hand to all in heaven and earth "except those men and fairies, who were, like before, deaf to his crowing, shall not then be upset of his silence from it." Moslems believe that the celestial rooster is in great favor with God, so much so that it is a common saying among them that there are three voices which God always hears. The first voice is of him that is constant in reading the Quran; the second voice is of him that early every morning prays for the pardon of his sins; and the third voice is of this rooster when he crows, which they say is always most acceptable to God.

What absolute nonsense! All of it! A few minutes after translating English to Arabic (above in the captions) on an Internet translation site my phone rang. When I answered, a man speaking Arabic loudly whispered something in my ear. I have no idea what but assume it wasn't nice. It was creepy. I still feel as if my ear needs to be washed out with lard soap. So don't tell me that our computers are not somehow linked up to alert "them" of our politically incorrect opinions.


  1. I ran the text through the Arabic/English translator:
    "Embrace Islam, infidel!"

  2. Yes...however mine says, "Convert to Islam, you infidel!" I noticed that when trying to write several options to put into the caption box this is what happened:

    1) I wrote in English what I wanted to say, then the site translated it into Arabic
    2) Just to check, I then copied and pasted the Arabic and had the site translate it back into English
    3) The meaning was totally different so I had to rewrite and rewrite again until the Arabic, when translated into English, would say what I had written to begin with