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Monday, June 21, 2021

Great News! As the Culture War Rages, Lovers of Truth are Engaging on the Battlefield.

This post at the Sarmaticus blog should thrill the hearts of all lovers of truth. 

The Uprising is Spreading

The post is long and includes a 50 minute video about a Lancaster group fighting the good fight. (I only watched a bit of it since my focus was on the  establishment of an alternative source for higher education.) What an exciting era in which to live! The post is long but well worth reading. It's way past time for colleges and universities, especially so called "prestigious" institutions, to experience some healthy competition. 

Does politically correct wokism, so common in the Ivy League and elsewhere including some Catholic schools, teach young adults to think critically and prepare themselves to enter the battle to take back the culture? 

Not hardly! 

Too many schools are busy brainwashing students and helping the tyrants form young minds to control the future. That's what critical race theory is all about. These "educators" aren't interested in the classic search for truth because many, like Pontius Pilate, don't believe truth exists.  All the statistics show that most college professors are committed ideologues promoting Democrat extremism. They're full in on critical race theory and embrace cultural Marxism with gusto. 

And now look at the schools requiring young adults to suborn their health by bending their knees and baring their arms for the toxic, gene-altering jab if they want to continue their education. They ignore the science about the dangers to the young who are at less risk from COVID than from all the toxins being promoted as "vaccines." It's monstrous! 

The lockdowns and mandates were never about the disease; they were about forcing compliance with our masters. And we are just beginning to see the toxic results from the experimental drugs: circulatory damage including brain tumors, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, miscarriages, etc. The worst is probably yet to come when the vaccinated meet a variant of the corona virus. All the animals died in the experimental studies. But hey, we're overpopulated anyway so what's a few million deaths.

Mothers, don't let your children grow up to be guinea pigs for the New World Order! How many of the new billionaires in Big Pharma actually submitted to their own drugs? We know that Fauci and company told congress they believed 50-60% of the employees were vaccinated but that they did not require them to report their status. Interesting, eh? as they talk about vaccine passports for all of us? 

Fight the mandates. Support the governors who are banning vaccine passports in their states. No one should have to show the government their papers to get a job, travel, or shop. This used to be a free country. We need to take it back from the tyrants!

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