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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Who's Weaponizing the Eucharist and Trying to Use Christ Himself as a Political Football?

Today's Message from Catholic Vote describes the attempt by the Biden administration, during the G7 summit, to arrange for Joe to attend Mass at the Vatican. The champion of death, undoubtedly intended to receive the Lord of Life there. What a photo op! Talk about a cynical plan to weaponize the Eucharist as the bishops begin their semi-annual meeting via Zoom. Here's what Brian Burch, head of Catholic Vote said about the plan:
If this whole kerfuffle is indeed what it looks like, what’s more cynical, or more political, than attempting to create a photo op at a Mass at the Vatican in the hopes of scuttling the Bishops’ attempts to protect timeless teachings on the Eucharist? The mere attempt of such a ploy is the definition of weaponizing the Eucharist for political ends, and further proof of the need for clarity in our teaching and practice.

You can read the entire article at  Speculation Swirls as Biden Meeting, Mass at Vatican Canceled

This follows a LifeNews article two days ago, Vatican Tells U.S. Catholic Bishops to Not Deny Communion to Pro-Abortion Politiciansquoting the New York Times. The newspaper described a "rift" between the Vatican and the U.S. bishops. 

Hmm....Would a "rift" be a bad thing in view of the many troubling statements and actions from this pope and his inner circle: men like Blase Cupich, Joseph Tobin ("Nighty-night, Baby" bishop), Vincenzo Paglia (of the homosexual mural), Victor Fernandez (author of the kissing book), etc. ad nauseum.

If anyone is "weaponizing" and politicizing the Eucharist, it's the Catholic pro-abortion Democrats who want to play "Let's Pretend." Let's pretend I'm a devout and faithful Catholic so I can hoodwink Catholics into voting for me. And who is aiding and abetting this charade? Do I have to spell it out?

It's sure not the good shepherd bishops who are defending Jesus Christ from sacrilege and defending the faithful from scandal. 

Nope! It's the Vatican wolves and dissident priests (James Martin comes to mind.) and Catholic laity (like the nuns on the bus) who want to make sure liberals whose insane policies they promote (like global warming, "vaccine" apartheid, and critical race theory) remain in power. Meanwhile, the Eucharistic scandals and sacrilegious abuse of Our Lord continue.

Francis has said that Communion “is not the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners.” He's right about that, but only if we're talking about sinners who sincerely repent and are trying to become saints. 

Is there any evidence that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Time Kaine, etc. are trying to conform their minds and hearts to Christ and the teachings of his Church? 


And I mean those words literally. These cynical politicians make it clear, often and loudly, that they, "WILL NOT SERVE!" They champion the murder of the innocent and sodomy, two of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. They also spent the last 18 months depriving the worker of his wage by draconian mandates destroying the livelihood of millions. And that is another of the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance!

Pray that the U.S. bishops this week will face up to an abuse crisis every bit as grievous as the sexual abuse of children, the abuse of the Eucharist. If we truly believe that Jesus Christ is present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist we must defend him against abuse with the same vigor we would defend our children. 

May our U.S. bishops show us the way this week and not blink in the face of an inevitable media attack and an assault by wolves in sheep's clothing. The Vatican these days is full of them!

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Mary, Mother of the Clergy, pray for us.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!


  1. I find the "debate" hollow and false. The only point should be to prevent sacrilege
    and scandal.

    The evil people should be Bell, Book, And Candled. Like the scene from Thomas Beckett.
    It should be public and would serve to illustrate that the Church does not approve
    of the mass murder of innocents.

  2. LifeSiteNews has an article from yesterday giving a run-down on some of the bad bishops fighting against protection of the Eucharist. It's always good to know who the wolves are. These ones hardly bother to cover their snarls and bared teeth with sheepskin.

    Who are the bishops fighting for pro-abortion politicians? A closer look

  3. This is the end result of the obliteration of the Sacrifice of the Ancient Holy Mass into the Protestant Lord's Supper, that is, the Novus Ordo service. When the barriers to heresy and corruption that existed in the traditional Roman Mass were removed, heresy and corruption flooded in.