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Sunday, June 13, 2021

So sue me for telling the truth, Frank Rossi

Mr Tony Maione of Orlando,
but Fr Tony Maione of Albany, RIP
Three weeks ago "Moongold" commented on a post I did that was four years old. The comments on the old post were closed and a new article was posted so Moongold could vent her current frustration but she never responded. 

Then 10 days ago a person named Frank Rossi from Saratoga Springs, NY, commented on a two-year-old post I did on Mr/Fr Tony Maione. We're not sure why people are suddenly commenting on old posts. Perhaps they have nothing else to do during Covid lockdowns but peruse the Internet 24/7. 

HERE is my 2019 article "Albany's Bishop Hubbard and the deal with the Orlando chancery".

HERE is Archbishop Wenski's (at the time he was Bishop of Orlando) 2006 homily at the memorial mass for Tony where he never mentioned that Tony was a priest in Bishop Hubbard's Albany Diocese.

HERE is a 2006 New York obituary mentioning that Tony was a priest.

HERE is the 2006 Orlando Sentinel obituary, never mentioning that Tony was a priest, but only that he was "known by everyone as Tony". I found out that Tony was a priest from Albany by reading the comments under this obituary.

The Florida Catholic's June 9, 2006 (page 6) obituary has been removed from the internet.

I went into research mode and found that indeed Mister Tony Maione of Orlando was actually Father Tony Maione from Albany. This was in 2006. I wrote an article about it in the Orlando Truth at that time,

The Orlando Chancery, and especially the DDRE at the time, Sr Linda Gaupin had to know that Tony was a priest and they hid that fact. Why? (read the articles above).

So here are my answers to you, Frank Rossi.

On May 30, 2021 @ 11:01 PM you said to me: "Perhaps next time you post something as ridiculous as this, you’ll seek information from people that knew the person, were positively affected by the person, or that knew the truth about them. Until then, let me say as someone that qualifies as the above, that this is some of the worst trash I have EVER read on the Internet, and you seriously need to consider the level of defamation you’re conducting here. The conjecture level is not appropriate."

Then 2 minutes later you added: "Furthermore, he remained a member of the faculty and Peer Mentorship program through and beyond my graduation in 1994. So, you may need to check your facts on a number of issues here."

I responded: "Frank Rossi, I did see Mr Tony Maione, as he was called here in Orlando, and was not "positively affected" by him since his little side-kick Sr Linda Gaupin (all dressed up in a red suit, high heels, coiffed hair and earrings), tried to make my friends and me leave the venue since we "were not welcome there" as she frankly told us. Here in Orlando Mr Maione was known as just that - "MISTER" Maione. No one knew that he was or had been a priest from Albany except Sr Linda Gaupin and Bishop Dorsey...and possibly Bishop Wenski, now Archbishop of Miami.

"Priests here were astounded to learn that "Mr" Maione was indeed, FATHER Maione. Even his obituary here never referred to him as a priest. So you need to check YOUR facts on these issues.

"The comments are now closed on this two year old post, however I will be posting a new article on this in a few days so if you want to continue commenting, you may do so there. Meanwhile, you might have someone in Albany explain the facts of life to you as to exactly why Fr Tony Maione was shuffled under the radar to Orlando and here was never known to be a priest. Here he was MISTER MAIONE."

And so now I continue commenting to Frank Rossi.

Dear Frank Rossi,
In case you think I'm just a cracker from unchartered territory on the outskirts of Orlando I do want to tell you, not that it makes one iota of difference to this story, that I have been to Saratoga many times when I was in the horse business. I love the racetrack, the town, the wide sidewalks, the great times seeing all the top horses and jockeys and particularly the horse sales. Those were spectacular times. A great adventure. But I wasn't a Catholic then...the greatest adventure of all.

Why would I not think that something nefarious was going on when discovering that Mr Tony was really Fr Tony? A few months before I had just proven that an Orlando diocesan priest planned to meet another priest from Asheville, NC, at a gay Georgia nude campground complete with glory holes in the bathroom and nothing was done about it. The priest is still here in Orlando.  

So why would I believe referring to Tony Maione as Mister instead of Father has nothing to do with shady dealings and shuffling abusers around from state to state under the radar?

Another point I'd like to make is that both you and Moonbat must be living totally virtual lives since both of you
 think I need to have met the person in question - Moongold/Bill Hughes and you/Tony Maione - as if meeting someone in person automatically opens the door for me to see them as Moongold sees Hughes and you see Maione.

Both of you think I never met them in real life - but I did - as if I'm the one living virtually on social media 24/7. It's almost as if people think one needs to see "the real thing" in real life as it is before our eyes in order to see how wonderful they are. 

But the truth is the truth. Bill Hughes loves and follows the demonic witch Ellen G White thereby hates all things Catholic (he recently did a one hour video on The Blessed Mother where he says she's a demon because she has appeared all over the world) and Tony Maione was never known as a priest here in Orlando. So sue me.

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