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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Fr. Tom Collins on Requiring Students to be "Vaccinated" in Order to Attend Classes

Editor's note: Fr. Collins sent this letter to his Virginia state delegate. Two thumbs up, Father! By the way, I'm on a silent retreat this week and will not be moderating comments until I return on Saturday. I'm not ignoring you, but God comes first!

Del Campbell –

I am deeply disturbed by the fact that a number of state schools are requiring people to be “vaccinated” in order to attend classes. The fact that all the COVID-19 mRNA gene-altering “vaccines” are
not actually approved by the FDA, but only permitted for emergency
experimental use, makes the mandate that teachers and students be
“vaccinated” a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code.
Likewise, it is worth noting that forcing people to have their bodies
injected with something contrary to their will is analogous to rape. In the case of criminal rape, a person is forced to have his/her body
injected with a substance against his/her will. In the case of agents
of the Commonwealth abusing their authority to force citizens to
submit having their bodies injected with experimental agents, which,
it is now revealed, are not only ineffective, but also have led to a
large number of people suffering serious pathological side effects.

Finally, since the pharmaceutical companies have been granted legal
immunity from liability for the detrimental side effects of their “vaccines”, those who have suffered adverse health issues will, under the provisions of the Nuremberg Code, be able to initiate litigation against the Commonwealth, whose officials mandated that they could not engage in normal activities unless they allowed their bodies to be injected with a dangerous experimental and ineffective “therapy”.

Contrary to the perverse premises embraced for decades by the Democrats in the Jim Crow South, officials and agents of the Commonwealth are not legally authorized to violate the bodily integrity of its citizens. Any attempt by them do so is strongly analogous to the crime of rape – and should be confronted as such.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Thomas R. Collins

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