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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Awake Fr. James and Woke Fr. James: Who Defends the Truth and Who Champions the Lie?

Fr. James Altman continues to be in the crosshairs of Bishop William Callahan who asked for his resignation last month as pastor of St. James the Less parish in LaCrosse, WI. 

What are Fr. Altman's "crimes?" He's been described as divisive for stating his opinions about the dangers of the vaccines, the ridiculous government COVID mandates, and the politically correct "woke" agenda. How has Father been "divisive and ineffective?" He divides truth from error, good from evil, and orthodoxy from heterodoxy. His sermons encourage people all over the world because of his no-nonsense explication of doctrinal truth instead of the mush-love pabulum preached by so many priests. Instead of encouraging this courageous ministry, Bishop Callahan has issued vague charges and seeks this troublesome priest's disappearance. Here's one priest's take on the controversy that is well worth reading at the Arise, Let Us Be Going blog. And Bishop Joseph Strickland has also come to his defense for statements about the evil of the Democrat positions. Fr. Altman is trying to wake people up for the salvation of their souls.

Now let's consider another Fr. James, the scandalous and woke Jesuit, Fr. James Martin. How is he treated for promoting homosexual depravity and encouraging sins that cry to heaven for vengeance? The world loves him! The media lionizes him. The Vatican promotes him and makes him a spokesman. Read this commentary on Fr. Martin by canon lawyer Ed Peters. 

The treatment of these two priests offers a profound image of what's happening in the Church in the United States. The good and faithful are despised and persecuted. The evil and unfaithful get the world's and the worldly bishops' accolades. The faithful are fed up and one indication is the go-fund-me page, with a goal of $20,000, that's raised over $300,000 for Fr. Altman's defense. 

Who's ineffective, Bishop Callahan? The faithful are speaking!

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  1. That picture of Martin shows a man with the look of satanic idiocy and foolishness on his face!