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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Snow White and Priest Charming - A Modern Tale of Female Vindictiveness

But of course I'm telling the truth. - Snow White
Chapter I

Once upon a time there was a young wommon named Snow White who was not at all unfortunate looking, but who lately seems to have eaten far too much food which therefore makes her more of a mean-spirited femme fatale than she already was several years ago when she was nubile and first encountered Priest Charming.

Priest Charming had the most dreadful misfortune of being born incredibly handsome, and with dimples and a charming French accent, all the girls in Snow's kingdom were blushing, giggling and sighing whenever he passed by even though Miss White promises that she had never ever even heard of Priest Charming before she encountered his doctoring of her soul from behind the screen in the Confessional where she was recounting her past regrettable sexual escapades which deeply saddened her so much that she cried a river of tears right then and there since, through no fault of her own, she had been sexually victimized in her youth by a cousin.

Priest Charming halted Miss White's confession and told her that this was a serious situation but he could help her, which makes perfect sense since priests are "doctors of souls". He suggested that she write down all that had taken place in the past having to do with her sexual problems and any thoughts having to do with being victimized and to contact him if she needed, even in times of temptation. 

Snow White said she felt uncomfortable doing this but she did it anyway because she trusted Priest Charming. After several weeks Priest Charming disappeared out of her life and Snow White felt ghostly abandonment because indeed, she probably was feeling Liz Lev-like, thinking in her best femme fatale vernacular, "I'm gonna hook me a priest too!" She consulted a few friends who said they also had received identical treatment from Priest Charming. One friend couldn't even talk about him because Snow said that the girl "like goes into an emotional frenzy and says like, No, no! He loves me!" (stupid silly girls) Then poof! He was gone from their lives and they all felt like spurned lovers - because indeed, they were all in love with him because he was their Priest Charming.

Chapter II

I interrupt this fairy tale now to bring a real life comparison of "doctors of the body" (medical doctors) and "doctors of the soul" (priests). Now surely at almost 30 years of age Snow White has been to a gynecologist who is obviously a doctor of the body who has to conduct a highly personal and embarrassing examination of the most private areas of Miss Snow's body, both inside and out. She obviously would feel uncomfortable but, knowing that the gynecologist is a medical doctor and is just doing his job, she would comply. I mean, he's not in love with her or anything. 

And after the doctor left the examination room, he would go to his next patient for her examination, and the next one after that, and so on, because that's what gynecologists and other doctors do all day. They examine peoples' bodies and help them recover bodily health by surgically carving out rotted flesh, stamping out bad habits, and referring them to other doctors for other parts of their body. Would Miss Snow rush to her friend in the next examination room to interrogate her and jealously compare notes? "OMG! I'm so freaked! He examined me. It was so uncomfortable! I thought I would die. How about you? What did he do to you? What did he say? Do you know of any other girls he examined? Isn't he dreamy, though?" 

But the gynecologist moves to another state and Snow White and her friends feel abandoned. They get angry, then turn into jealous, vicious scorned wimmin and say, or are being paid by the gynecologist's enemies to say, that he abused them. Snow White sneers, "I'll fix him. I'll get his medical practice restricted, get his license revoked, make it so he will never see another patient in his life! I'll ruin his reputation and make his life miserable, I will. Just watch me!" 

Chapter III

Priest Charming's side of this story will be covered shortly but let's continue with Snow White's tale for the moment because the beautiful but dastardly Queen of the Nile, exotically-born and Oxford-educated newsperson, springs into action filming Snow White who looks overweight and in need of a hairbrush. The Nile Queen had just consulted the Magic Mirror in her dressing antechamber and asked it if she was still the most beautiful and best wommon journalist, Twitter personality and YouTube singer of all time. The Mirror, weary of being asked the same question by wimmin all over the kingdom day after day, angrily replied: Nile Queen, you are still fairest in the land, but your lies are getting out of hand. The Nile Queen was enraged and vowed that someone would dearly pay as a result of this outrageous answer from the Magic Mirror. 

As I watched the Nile Queen's self-serving video - which, in addition to Snow's telling body language, had far too many Freudian slips by both Snow and the Nile Queen - I wondered how she could sit there in her purple queen's outfit with that deadpan expression on her face, acting as if she truly believed Snow White's story about Priest Charming. The psychological underpinnings screamed out at me from the computer screen, so how could the Queen of the Nile not see, sitting there face to face hearing Snow White's confession, that she - Snow White - is a narcissistic liar? And probably being paid to do it.

Snow White says that she wants wimmin and children to be protected from Priest Charming and that she is "there for other people" for them to call her, talk to her (Wait! Isn't that what Priest Charming said for her to do and is what she's complaining about to the Nile Queen?) and hopes she can help solve the particular problem of Priest Charming (who was just doing his job). She wants him to stop helping people, not comprehending that just because she's an immature emotional mess, doesn't mean that other people are not mature enough to understand what "operating" on a soul means. You make a person's soul healthy so that they don't have grandiose ideas about themselves as a femme fatale in every man's life, priest or otherwise.

The Queen of the Nile finally asks Snow White what the future holds for her. "What is Snowy hoping for out of all of this?" At that point I said out loud, "A book deal? Movie? Fame and fortune?" But no, Snow White demurely shrugged her large shoulders and said that she "believes God is behind all this" and she's going to do the best she can to "expose all this" and that she would "love to see as many of them (?) go to jail as possible" and that she will do the "best she can to help the victims the best she can". (Snow apparently did not make passing grades in grammar.) Snow said she doesn't really have any expectations because it's all in God's hands and as a last statement said that she isn't doing this for herself - "I'm doing it for others because I'm their advocate" - and if there's anyone out there she "will respect how they feel about it (?) and that she would never show anyone disrespect for their thoughts or feelings and she would just listen to their story...If they want. Giggle." And that she just wants to live happily ever after. Oh, and one more thing...the only way that things will change is for people to have the courage to come forward and report stuff.

Chapter IV

But "happily ever after" isn't to be the fate of Priest Charming because he must be click bait for the Nile Queen to get better ratings for her non-news show of which the people of the kingdom have grown weary. They're weary because for far too long, day after day, year after year, they've heard "news" of sodomite priests doing what sodomites naturally do. So when the Queen of the Nile splashed Priest Charming's picture all over the Internet and said that he was responsible for being interested in wimmin, my immediate thought was, "Oh, thank God!! How refreshing! He's heterosexual!"

But the Queen of the Nile would have none of that so she sought out Snow White (or maybe Snow went to her first...not sure which way the money is flowing here) and Snow's complaint that Priest Charming had done nothing illegal. His reputation had to be besmirched merely because he had done nothing wrong! In addition, because he was innocent, he needed to be kept away from children!

In a second video The Nile Queen went into high gear whipping people into a frenzy reminiscent of Crucify Him! Crucify Him! (Priest Charming must have powerful enemies) then sent her minions to the kingdom where Priest Charming had been born and raised to search for "facts" - something, anything! - worthy enough to put him in the dungeon. Finding no facts, no names, no dates, no charges against him in any castle record anywhere in the kingdom but only old rumors and hearsay, she desperately resorted to an ancient partial document written in French (which I saw and read myself) which she pounced on as proof that he was an irretrievably bad person who needed to be chained in rags against a wall deep in the lowest part of the dungeon at Castillo San Marcos surrounded by alligators. That way all the tourists would be forewarned and their souls safe from Priest Charming's painful surgical methods operating on the deepest part of their "badly-needing-to-be-fixed" psyches.

Then the evil and dastardly Queen of the Nile announced what she thought would have a chilling effect on the people in Priest Charming's native kingdom which is that she currently is having all her reports of what Snow White said about Priest Charming translated into Priest Charming's vernacular language and distributed among the subjects in his native land. That will show Priest Charming who he's dealing with!

Meanwhile unfortunately for Snow and the Nile Queen, Priest Charming had finally had enough of their oppressive catty female malevolence and lies so he hired a lawyer to sue the scruffy cat fur off their miserable hides, remove their claws and file their fangs so that soon they'll be like Grizabella slinking across the cold pavement singing Memory

Chapter V and The End

In one of her self-serving non-news presentations the Nile Queen was so outraged that Priest Charming is walking around unchained, because he has, as Snow clearly stated, done nothing criminal, that she tried stirring up all of us peasants in Priest Charming's current parish by suggesting we revolt and throw him to the nearby alligators. She wondered what is wrong with all of us that we remain under his spell. So now apparently we are to blame for her fury about Snow White's lies.

I say "all of us" because I'm a parishioner at Priest Charming's parish and am fed Christ from his sacred hands while kneeling at the altar rail. I listen to his homilies and remember all week what he teaches about God, the Gospel, the Church, holiness, and how to live better lives so that at our earthly end we might attain Heaven. 

The Queen of the Nile desperately wants us to be upset and do her dirty work for her by ousting Priest Charming from the parish. I can honestly say that if the Nile Queen happened to stand before me in person and demand I do something about what Snow White said, I would turn to her, look her smack in the eyes and say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

God bless you for this, Susan. I'm so sick of the "If it bleeds, it leads" coming from so-called Catholics. I'd like to follow the money trail at the Queen of the Nile's kingdom.

Gigi said...


Sean said...

In August, 2020, the Holy Name Society and the Altar and Rosary Society of St. Thomas More in Sanford gathered as group in the church after Sunday Mass to pray the five Sorrowful Mysteries for Father's spiritual strength. We've continued to pray for this good priest, and for all the priests of the priory.

Mary Kay said...

Good for Father, hiring a lawyer. Those people have been harassing him long enough. My prayers for him continue.

Tom said...

Interesting story; for my information, who are Snow White and Priest Charming?

MrsB said...

WOW! This is an amazing piece of work. It saddens my heart to think of what he has had to endure. This is a good and holy priest who truly cares about our souls. He has been a great blessing in our lives. We continue to pray for him and we are confident that God will protect this good and faithful servant.

Montenegro said...

Whoever you are: this is brilliant! I've shared with many who are fed up with the Nile Queen and Captain Golden Blowdry over at Church Malevolent. God bless you.

MARIA said...

Well done!! Thank you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Have you figured it out, Tom?

KC said...

This was very well written. It helped me be less angry about what Niles is doing to this priest; create a witch, hunt him down and burn him. I'm not in your parish. I don't personally know any of the people in this story, but I know poisonous women when I see them (we ALL do.) Thank you for pointing them out in a humorous way!

Unknown said...

This was as comical as it was inaccurate. Purely laughable. Recognition of grooming and perversion seems lost amongst some of the sspx memebers but those who actually see it for what it is are the villains right? Also, insulting ones physique is childish and while the run on sentences and lackadaisical story structure may be that stemming from a 5th graders mind, it's beneath an adult to behave like that. Just a writer's note 😉

Liz said...

You are a disgusting poor excuse for a person. The way you speak of this priest almost has me wondering how you feel about him! I’m sure you and he both love when you kneel at his feel and describe in detail all your sexual impurities.

Unknown said...

Ok, listen, I go to the SSPX, I support them, and I don't agree with what Jassy Jacas has been doing or saying. Having said that, this piece is truly embarrassing in so many ways, and literally does nothing to aid in the defense of Fr Duverger. In fact, this actually does the opposite and makes him, and the SSPX, look as crazy as this story. Please, for the sake of everyone, take this down. Or, at least, consult an sspx priest and see if this should stay up or not. I guarantee, any sspx priest would agree with me.

Lady McQuade said...

Who are you?

Unknown said...

It would probably lead to fellay

DebbieMW said...

Disgusting! Hope you reap what you sow here. So glad I don't know this priest. Looks like he has you all fooled. Calling out victims as liars. How many people honour of their way to destroy a person's reputation for thrills. Hmmmm sounds like the norm. It's always the woman's fault. Grow up. Let the courts work.
Remember that awesome priest who was so loved. And was arrested for hiring prostitutes to have sex on the altar with him and film it.
Everyone was so "shocked"!

As a victim of abuse, (not by a priest). I will say 8 years of being ridiculed, then finally.. ah ha I was right. But more people needed to be hurt before it comes out.
This story is crap.

Jamerican said...

If you think this is what it means to be Catholic today, you need to read the Beatitudes again. And again. And again. Going after those sharing their experience of abuse makes YOU an aggressor. Shame on you! And body shaming? Really? How low can you possibly go? I have known personally some VERY abusive priests who cloaked themselves with an air of "holiness." They fooled thousands of people. The One they didn't fool, however, is the only one who counts. I believe that the persistence of abuse in the Church today is every bit as much the fault of blind laity as it is of lustful priests. Think long and hard before you assume a priest is guilty and every bit as long and hard before you assume he is innocent. I was in Boston and knew personally one priest who was scrupulous about liturgical rules and right after Mass would bring teens up to his bedroom to abuse. I was taught by a priest in Louisiana who brought MANY back to the Church but who ended up in prison because he had organized a ring of sex abuse. I have worked alongside a priest heralded as "holy" and "wonderful" only to find out he was spending his weekends with a male companion. Be careful who you accuse. And be just as careful about who you defend.

DebbieMW said...

I will say again as my comment obviously was removed.
This is written to slam victims whom you do not believe.
You think it's cute? It's stupidity and blind following, worshiping a "Charming' Priest.
Even though you are clever trying to humiliate a victim. You don't fool me.
If his is not guilty, I'll wait and see. But bashing a victim. Well that is always how it goes doesn't it. It's easier to call someone a liar, than you think that a person is a saint. He ain't no saint yet. He's just a man who is a dinner like us all. You're putting him on a pedestal us sickning. Glad I never met him. Or any of you. My Catholic faith knows that this stuff is real. Always the victims. If he is guilty. What will you write then? 🤔

Maris said...

It does sound strange, and disturbing, though, that Priest Charming would ask the person in the Confessional to write down and give to him all the dirty, sordid details of their sexual escapades, doesn’t it? I’ve never heard of a priest doing this. Priests are supposed to forget the sins they hear and forgive, not keep a printed record of them.

Mare said...

This is the sickest thing I have ever read in my life, congratulations :) I guess I should expect nothing less from you bullies. I hope you sleep well at night knowing you are literally persecuting a victim.

Mshea said...

Wow! Look at all the positive comments! Impressive !!!!

Unknown said...

Aw, you two should get married!!!

Susan Matthiesen said...

Mare, thank you for being concerned about my sleep patterns but you're not to worry. I seep great.

Seonaid said...

Well you're gross.

Karma's going to get you lol.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Body shaming? I'm not a liberal so all this "shaming" stuff just goes right over my head. If Snow White has a weight problem, she's young enough to fix it, which she should do now before she ages since it's more difficult to lose weight as one gets older.

Has Miss White never heard of a gym? Or exercise? Walking? Squash or tennis, swimming, horseback riding? There ARE alternatives as is evidenced by three people where I work, two young men and one young woman. All three were hugely overweight until they decided to do something about it. The girl looks stunning now! One guy lost over 75 pounds. The other at least 50. All three of them are on their way to a healthy rest of their lives.

Jamerican said...

It's not up to YOU to decide on someone else's weight. Good for those who've lost weight. I've done that, too, and feel healthier as a result. But shaming a victim? That is beyond low.

Tom said...

To; Mary Ann Kreitzer:

I have still not yet identified who specifically are Snow White and the Charming Priest.

Canon212' Frank Walker in his on the post identified The Nile Queen as Christine Niles. I thought it applied to Cardinal Gregory because some who call him "The Queen of denial." A better label for her would have been "The Queen of the Niles (Upper and Lower)."

Thus, I shifted my attention from him to her and from Washington, D&C, to Church Militant, but I cannot still identify Snow White and the Charming Priest.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Fr. Duverger is the priest, Tom. Jassy Jacas is Snow White. Christine Niles is the Queen of the Nile. If you read the post I did today, it gives a little more perspective on Church Militant's vindictive crusade against the SSPX.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

By the way, a message to all you Church Militant junkies: I'm not posting any more comments that have nothing to say except ad hominem attack about us being "bullies" or a "disgusting poor excuse for a person" or "gross" or kneeling at the feet of a priest sharing our "sexual impurities," or whatever. There are two sides to every story. I refuse to jump on the "Me Too" bandwagon that treats every accuser with no evidence of being "snow white." The accused has a right to a defense. Read the LifeSiteNews articles on this by Stephen Kokx, a real journalist. CM's stories on the SSPX and their attacks on The Remnant and LifeSiteNews are nothing but yellow journalism.

Aqua said...

Seems to me CM can dish it but they can’t take it.

Interesting cast of characters commenting, above. Heat level - high. Illumination - low.

So that’s the sort of people still reading CM. I’m not surprised. I’m sure they can’t wait for the next chapter in Miss Niles’ salacious drama.

Say CMers, curious why charges haven’t been filed in Court. Church investigation and discipline is imposed, accepted, complete. Not satisfied yet? Convince a Judge to accept the case and then go through the process of discovery, cross-exam, present your case, present your witnesses, convince a jury. Has this been tried?

Have you considered he words of Our Lord?

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established *by the evidence of two or three witnesses*. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.” Matt 18: 15-17

The Church has spoken, and acted; the Priest did listen and submitted to correction - in accord with Scripture. If you CM people remain unsatisfied ... go to Court - where BOTH sides have an equal say AND equal protection under the law. Produce there, in Court, not on the gossip pages of rumor-monger Miss Niles.

Susan’s article is what it is because many of us are tired of the ongoing CM drama. Put up or shut up.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Aqua, for your, as usual, wise comment. We are honored to have you as a reader and contributor to discussions who always has something pertinent and useful to say.

Unknown said...

This blog post is terribly written and is inappropriate, immature, and does nothing to further support the sspx. How embarrassing to pen this, host this, or defend this. You are upset about ad hominem attacks in the comments? The absolute hypocrisy of it all. I am no "cm junky" and I have spent plenty of time supporting the sspx. This is just bad all around, and I have a difficult time believing any priest would think this blog post was good or Catholic in nature. You do realize you're doing more harm than good,right? What utter madness.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, Unknown, that added a lot to the conversation. Hope venting lowered your blood pressure.