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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Some Good News from Some Good States! Praise God!

Thank God for state legislatures and good governors rising to the occasion to defend life and sanity. Pray in thanksgiving for the great bills passed and for the success of those in the hopper that are just plain common sense. This could be a good year for babies waiting to be born. The Supreme Court has accepted the Dobbs case from Mississippi that will examine this question:
The court agreed to consider only one question presented in Fitch’s petition: “Whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional?”...
Should the high court return a favorable ruling in Dobbs, it would “eliminate Roe as a constitutional barrier to protecting unborn human life,” Olp said. “And that’s what needs to happen. There needs to be a recognition that Roe is no longer controlling law, and that states are able to make judgments about whether to protect fetal life, in view of scientific advances.

Pray for the Supreme Court to finally gut Roe v. Wade, a decision based on lies and semantic gymnastics. The babies were being protected state by state before seven justices on the Supreme Court played God and mandated the killing everywhere. Pray we see the end of that disastrous decision in 2021. 

Meanwhile, there are other great decisions coming out of some of our states. Check them out! 

Tennessee gov. signs bill to separate school bathrooms based on biological sex

DeSantis Signs Bill to Stop Big Tech Censorship of Floridians

Ohio bill would ban critical race theory, protect teachers from being forced to push gender dogma

Texas governor bans segregation based on vaccination status

The states taking steps to ban critical race theory

Iowa, Alabama Governors Sign Laws Banning Vaccine Passports
Abortion would automatically be illegal in these states if Roe v. Wade is overturned
Is there any good news in your state? Share it!

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