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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Are People Starting to Wake Up about the Million Dollar Baby in a Syringe?

Sudden collapse and death has a way of getting people's attention, especially when it happens in the middle of sporting events streamed live on TV.

The average age of athletes collapsing on the field is 23. You read that right. 23! And we're not talking about one or two young people. 

NOPE! It's hundreds! Close to 1,000 in fact, all in prime health in the prime of life. And those are only the ones we know about who are collapsing in public. 

Do you sports nuts remember that ever happening before the roll-out of you-know-what in 2020-21? Check out this article. 

How many other young people are collapsing and dying at home or at the office or walking in the park, or jogging, or working out at the gym, etc.? Why are scientists not demanding studies to see if there's a connection to the you-know-what?

My husband and I attended the basketball games of two of our grandsons a few weeks ago. I prayed before we went that none of those children would collapse on the court. I sure don't want to see a kid dying before my eyes. 

Does anyone else think about that when you're at your son or daughter's sporting event? Did it ever even cross your mind before the tyrants boosting Big-Pharma (often aiding their own pocketbooks) suppressed treatment options in order to make j@bbing the world the only response to you-know-what?

Even now these evil prick fanatics still urge you to offer your infants as guinea pigs in a global experiment.

As new "variants" arise, what will happen to those who took the j@b? Some scientists say that the j@bbed and multi-boosted will have less ability to fight off the disease. If that's the case, then the deaths will be due to the very thing that was supposed to offer protection. But do you think that's how things will be reported? Or will the new deaths become one more "proof" that all should line up for Big Pharma's next million dollar baby in a syringe? We'll no doubt get a chance to see how that plays out. 

In the meantime, I'm asking my guardian angel to go pray with all the guardian angels of my family and others who got the shot to protect them from the aftermath. If St. Paul could survive the effects of a venomous  snake, then there's hope for those who listened to our venomous leaders. 

Love God and embrace His will and nothing else matters, even death from making a bad decision.


  1. Every week in my hometown newspaper, there is a “died suddenly,” “died unexpectedly,” or similar. In ALL of these obituaries, there is no mention as to the cause of death and no memorial donation request that might hint at the cause of death. I’m 53 years young and seven people that I know of who I was in school with have “died unexpectedly” within the past year. Sadly for many of the aforementioned obituaries, the people are way younger than 53. Over the weekend, a friend forwarded me an article about the surge in demand for child-sized caskets, in bulk orders and how the funeral home customers are being told by the casket makers to not publicize it.

  2. Who is telling the casket makers to tell the funeral homes not to publicize it…

  3. There is a single bishop on earth who has been doing what every bishop on earth should have been doing for the past three years: warning the people against the lies about the "virus," about the demonization of early, non-hospital treatments, about the mass homicide via Remdesir, Midazolam, and other deadly drugs, and ventilators, and the sterilizing, abortion-tainted and abortifacient, homicidal injections. That man is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

    Every ordinary in the world knows that, should he vocally oppose any part of the mass depopulation/homicide process, he will be deposed from his diocese--most likely by means of a mere telephone call from his country's papal nuncio.