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Monday, January 9, 2023

Did Benedict Ask for a Funeral Using the Traditional Latin Mass?

We'll never know. If he did, the liars at the Vatican who hate the TLM would be sure to bury his request under a pile of horse manure. "Burn those papers, Judas! We can't have Benedict's wishes known to the world. More people might turn to that cursed TLM!" 

Louie Verrecchio has an interesting post on his blog, akaCatholic, The Hidden Testament of BXVI: More evidence. Check out the whole thing, but here's the relevant bit:
In the present case, it is entirely reasonable to believe that BXVI did in fact express his wishes for a simple funeral, one that avoids the spectacle of Heads of State converging on Rome from around the world such as they did when JPII died.
The details of his wishes aside, the salient point is that he did express them.

The question is, how?

Let me guess, he spoke his wishes for a simple funeral with just a whisper of a voice, to a lone non-German speaking nurse, in a clearly distinguishable manner, in Italian, just prior to making his final, final utterance…

If you believe that, stop here. Otherwise, let’s reconsider his Spiritual Testament.

Turning once again for insight to the Testaments of John Paul the Great Ecumenist and Paul the Pathetic, we find that both men expressed their wishes concerning funeral arrangements and burial via additions to their original text. It only stands to reason that they would feel compelled to do so as their years accrued, their health began to fail, and their deaths appeared more and more imminent.

It would be highly unusual for Benedict the writer, whose date with the Just Judge has been a looming reality for so many years, to fail to do likewise, making use of his Spiritual Testament to express his own wishes concerning his funeral and burial. In fact, the idea that he did not is utterly unbelievable.

Unbelievable indeed! May Benedict rest in peace and pray for his successor. Maybe Francis will convert to the Catholic faith before he dies. 


Anonymous said...

They may have complied in secret and only done a novus ordo for the public spectacle. Or they might be more spiteful (more than likely).

Andrew Dunn said...

Out of respect for the privacy of the priest(s) and where they are, I'm not going to provide any details other than to say that a Requiem in the Traditional Latin Rite will be said on Saturday for Pope Benedict XVI.

Anonymous said...

Our parish had a High Solemn Requiem Mass for Pope Benedict this past first Saturday. Approximately 200 people were present and it was very beautiful. Our sacristan made a replica of the papal tiara to lay on the “coffin” and candles surrounded the coffin also. Deo Gratias!

Anonymous said...

Our priest in Perth (Western Australia) did that, too. It was livestreamed on YouTube and you can watch it here

He also will offer a Requiem Mass for Cardinal Pell.

In Christ Jesus

tradgirl said...

One of our children, a novice in a traditional order, told me that on the morning of Dec 31 a solemn requiem Mass was celebrated at their chapel for Pope Benedict. Another of our children attended a requiem Mass at a novus ordo parish near his office in a large southern city sometime in the past couple of weeks. Regardless of what went on in Rome, I think priests all around the world have been quietly taking care of business. Deo gratias!