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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Francis, Who Talks about the "God of Surprises," Inflicts His Own Surprise on the Upcoming Synod

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.
Hey, Bishops! Surprise! 

The pope has chosen pro-sodomy, heterodox priest, Timothy Radcliffe, for your pre-synod retreat in Rome from October 1-3, 2023. Catholic News Agency reports:

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich announced Monday that the October 2023 session of the Synod of Bishops on synodality will begin with a three-day retreat led by a Dominican preacher whose statements on homosexuality have previously sparked controversy.

Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe will lead the Catholic bishops and participants in the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in a retreat near Rome from Oct. 1–3 at the invitation of Pope Francis, according to the cardinal....
Hollerich announced the synod retreat at a Vatican press conference on Jan. 23 promoting an ecumenical prayer vigil that will be held in St. Peter’s Square to entrust the work of the Synod of Bishops to God.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto! 

It's better than a Saturday Night Live Skit! Will Pachamama be at the "ecumenical prayer vigil?" Will the Muslims bring an Imam? How about the Buddhists? No doubt the shamans will be there with sacred feathers and smudge pots. Maybe liturgical dancers will lead all the Cardinals in the Macarena. Have you ever read the lyrics? It's the perfect lead in to the "retreat" by the pro-homo priest:

Give a little lovin’ to your body, Macarena
'Cause your body’s made for love and feeling good; it’s a no-brainer
Give a little lovin’ to your body, Macarena 
Hey, Macarena!

Really, is anyone surprised by this? I can imagine even the homosexual bishops putting their faces in their hands saying, "Omigosh! (Their language would likely be more colorful.) More controversy at the chancery, more calls and letters from the laity." (At least I hope so! Start now, church militant!) 

The Ordinary Synod is scheduled from October 4-29. Does this sound like one more political move to advance the church-wrecking agenda? Don't even think it, you rigid, pharisaical Catholics! Cardinal Hollerich assures everyone:

The synod is not about Church politics. It’s about listening to the Spirit of God and advancing together and praying. So there will be one different point compared to the other synods. After the prayer vigil, the bishops and the participants of the synod will leave for a three-day retreat. 

Can't avoid a head-shaking laugh...retreat? Sounds more like a reeducation camp for the straight guys and a three-day celebration of Macarena love for the homosexuals (which brings to mind George Neumayr's recent statements, before his untimely death. Things are dark indeed. Is this event the equivalent of Davos? Will the sex trade be active? Neumayr's investigation led him to tweet that even murder was a possibility.) It's hard to be cavalier about all the Francis machinations.

Having said that, though, I confess, as I was reading the CNA article this morning, I couldn't help laughing. It's so incredibly absurd! Hollerich said last year that he believed Catholic blessings for homosexual unions was an issue still on the table despite a negative ruling from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). (Hey, that was yesterday, today offers new opportunities!) He also hopes that the synod will bring about a "new springtime of ecumenism." Translation: We need to complete the transformation of the Catholic Church into one more Protestant sect, and make sure we fully line up with the world's values. No more Jesus as the "sign of contradiction" predicted by Simeon. We are the church of openness. We need to celebrate the Bride of Christ in an open marriage with the world.

Considering all this, it's also no surprise that the pope is once again considering the appointment of Heiner Wilmer to head CDF. Concerned bishops were able to block the appointment before Benedict died, but the National Catholic Register reported yesterday a strong probability for the appointment which could come as soon as this week. Wilmer supports all the looney-tune positions of the German synodal way gutting orthodox teachings on sexuality. Anything goes! Hey Macarena! 

Maybe this is a better theme song for Wilmer.

It's not only about sexuality, however. Wilmer also questions the teaching authority of the magisterium. In a 2018 interview he made this statement:

I think at times: Who actually determines what is Catholic? We still act as if it were the hierarchy; as if we bishops had the right to the label Catholic. Wrong! ... We must be receivers, listeners, learners, in conversation with Catholics, but also with Christians of other denominations and non-believers.

No dogma, no authority, no teaching, governing, or sanctifying the faithful. This man is Luther on steroids. Who needs the Church? Everyone is his own pope. Heck! Not just his own pope, his own god!

But hey, faithful Catholics. Don't despair! Don't even be sad.

These evil men do not have the last word! God promises to bring good out of whatever evil schemes lurk in the hearts of men -- even men with crook and mitre. So while you are mourning the latest abuse to Holy Mother Church and offering prayers and sacrifices in reparation, don't forget this. The saints went laughing and singing to their martyrdom. Our angels prostrate themselves before the throne of God in joy. The evil only appear to prosper here on earth. They represent the weeds growing with the wheat destined for the furnace. Can anyone not laugh if he sees a mouse shaking his fist as he sits between the cat's paws? How about a chickadee having a conversation with a hawk or an ant dialoguing with an anteater? It truly is laughable to see these men shaking their fists at God. Your arm's too short, guys!

If I were a faithful bishop, I would skip the official "retreat" and make a private retreat of reparation. Even better! Organize an alternate retreat with other brother bishops. Pray in atonement with Our Lady of Fatima's messages as the retreat program. What a great way that would be to separate the sheep from the goats. 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. Guardian angel of Portugal where the faith will never be lost, pray for us.

Yes! Let us all pray and fast, but don't forget to laugh. God wants our love and our joy. Embrace Him! Embrace his divine will and then laugh and shout for joy! And never, never let the heretics and dissenters drive you out of the Church. 


  1. Ridículo articulo y absolutamente interpretativo, no da ninguna muestra de realidad, todas.son a mi me parece! O yo creo! Argumenten señores npp digan , lo que les parece ,HECHOS, no interpretaciones

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jose. I'm not sure whether you're talking about the CNA article or the post. Facts and opinions are both used in newspapers. The difference between the New York Times and my blog is that I know the difference. This post is an editorial opinion based on the facts about the synod and the two priests.

    Have a good day.