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Saturday, January 28, 2023

In your charity, spend this weekend praying for Mark Houck and his family!

The father of seven is being persecuted by an out-of-control government that targets pro-lifers as domestic terrorists. That this ever went to trial shows how evil and unbalanced our law enforcement is today. If you're an Antifa terrorist, you can loot, burn and kill with impunity. If you're a pro-life sidewalk counselor offering help to women to save their little ones, you can expect to have your house raided by armed brown shirts with rifles at the ready terrorizing your children.

Let us spend the weekend in prayer and sacrifice for this family! I'm sending my guardian angel to pray with the angels of all the jurors, the judge, and Mark's family. And may their patron saints also be interceding. Read the article for the background and then pray like you are in the dock!

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