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Monday, January 9, 2023

Do You Know How Much You're Loved? Get to Know Your Guardian Angel to Find Out!

Do you talk to your guardian angel? I don't mean just saying the Angel of God prayer once or twice a day. Do you really have conversations with your angel? Have you ever asked your angel for advice about a specific problem? Have you ever sent your angel to pray with another person's guardian angel? 

My husband and I recently made a novena to the angels before we went to what we feared might be a contentious meeting. We asked our guardian angels to go pray with the guardian angel of the person with whom we were meeting. The issues we were concerned about were not resolved, but the meeting was cordial, friendly, and we continue to pray for the person and send our guardian angels to pray with his. We are optimistic about the results of such persistent intercession. 

Another situation also called for spiritual help. We sent our angels to pray with the guardian angels of several persons on that occasion. We saw tangible results from those prayers for which we thanked God, of course, but also our guardian angels and the angels of the other people. We could imagine the spiritual warriors gathering in a circle of love to encourage actions in union with God's will.

None of us ever walks alone. God gave each of us a particular friend the day we were conceived in our mothers' wombs. Perhaps our angel was praying for us even before we were conceived in expectation of our beginning. But for sure our angels are vigilant and watching over us at every moment day or night from the first moment of life. And since they always stand before the face of God, they know exactly what's best for us. Why would anyone want to ignore such a powerful friend and advisor? 

So many saints loved and appreciated their angels and had a familial relationship with them -- like the love of the aunt Fr. Goring talks about in the video. Never, ever forget to thank your angel and ask for help. He rejoices to be called upon and is eager to respond. 

Thank you, dear angels. Help us to hear your Hosannahs at least in our hearts that we may always rejoice at God's love for us which you bear like a torch to enflame our hearts.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. "Have you ever sent your angel to pray with another person's guardian angel?"

    How do you do that?

  3. Just ask. Padre Pio sent his guardian angel off on many tasks. After all, the word angel means "messenger." If you asked a good friend to take a message to another person, wouldn't your friend oblige if he could? My angel is the best friend I have, in effect my spiritual twin -- attached to me since conception and faithful, faithful, faithful. I'm sure he is eager to be given a message to carry. Just ask and see what happens. Since I started doing this some things I've been praying for consistently for years are bearing more fruit. How I love my angel!