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Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Lunacy of Liberal Logic or Dead Babies Don't Wear Diapers!

Years ago, Pampers was promoting Planned Parenthood. "What a head-scratcher," I thought! How stupid can a business be? Dead babies don't wear diapers. 

Then there was the pro-abort homosexual at the Vatican embassy protesting the CDF statement  that homosexuality was disordered. (Cardinal Ratzinger was its head at the time) A friend suggested we counter-protest affirming the decision, so we went. I brought a sign I'd made putting a Planned Parenthood poster, I am the face of pro-choice America, next to the decapitated head of a dead baby killed by abortion. 

One of the homosexual men, whom I'd often seen at abortion rescues shilling for murder (my body, my choice) looked at my sign, looked at me, and then came over, and offered me a sticker that read, "Abortion on demand without apology." 


 I looked at him with a wry smile, "Um...No...I'm on the other side." Then I went over to my friend, pointed to my sign, and asked, "Is there any doubt about where I stand?" He shook his head. "Not to me!" 

I've long observed that liberals are brain damaged -- not just Joe Biden and John Fetterman. Nope! Every liberal I've ever met holds positions that make absolutely no logical sense. So I've come to the conclusion that liberalism kills your brain. The little grey cells start sparking and explode in the attempt to make logically impossible diploids unite. 

Ever try to get the wrong ends of a magnet to attract each other? Doesn't work! The attempt to unite logically impossible contradictions causes a massive brainstorm that results in glazed expressions and the tendency to recite woke expressions. Happens every time! Even when people can speak glibly and sound really smart. ("Hey, I graduated magna cum laude from Stanford...or Harvard...with a certified diploma in women's studies.")

Which brings me to the latest liberal lunacy where, once again, the insanity of the left is in full evidence. 

The woke universities are imploding. Victor Davis Hanson recently asked in the Epoch Times, "Are Universities Doomed?" His conclusion? Yes, due to "chronic tuition hikes above the rate of inflation" as well as "left wing indoctrination; administrative bloat; obsessions with racial preferences; arcane, jargon-filled research; and campus-wide intolerance of diverse thought." All these things "short-changed students, further alienated the public, and often enraged alumni." And so, the value of diplomas, even from prestigious institutions, is sinking faster than the Titanic. 

Hanson concluded that, "Eventually, even elite schools will lose their current veneer of prestige Their costly cattle brands will be synonymous with equality-of-result, overpriced indoctrination echo chambers, where therapy replaced singular rigor and their tarnished degrees become irrelevant." 

What particularly struck me as I read the article was something Hanson didn't mention. These woke colleges are all in the forefront advancing abortion, homosexuality, and gender fluidity. They promote a collapsing birthrate. And what does a collapsing birthrate mean? Fewer students.

Not only do dead babies not wear diapers, but they don't grow up and go to college! Hey, diaper CEOs! Hey, college presidents and liberal professors! You've killed the golden goose with your own stupid, liberal policies! Maybe you can switch to adult diapers and convert colleges to elder hostels, but sooner or later (mostly sooner these days), your clientele will be moving from the campus or the retirement home to the great beyond. Your own evil, woke agenda is killing your business. But brain death came first. As Forest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."


  1. Well, it is to be expected after all. Marxism of all varieties is hostile to humanity - and the Marxism of the West came from the self-proclaimed "elite" and "intelligentsia", who taught at universities and schools. I wonder if we'll see the ironic fate of public education - a Marxist concept - killing itself after some time. Wouldn't that be a laugh for the ages?

  2. Fear blinds people. They are so afraid of what others think about them that they will do or say whatever they deem necessary in order to be accepted and fit in. It’s the “Middle School “ syndrome except in grown-ups. I won’t call them mature adults because they are not.

  3. Talk show host Michael Savage often said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

  4. Spot on observation. Unfortunately, I don't think the brain rot will be reversed anytime soon.

  5. The Counterfeit News Network and MSDNC don't care that they are hemorrhaging paying customers as long they continue to get a share of every cable and satellite customer's monthly bill. Likewise, colleges and universities aren't overly concerned about dwindling enrollments as long as the Demon-crats continue pouring the indoctrination subsidies into their coffers to keep them afloat.

  6. Toys R' Us did the same. They donated money to Planned Parenthood, then went under after helping kill of their customers.

  7. The immigrants have babies. Big business, including Pampers, don’t care who buys their product. Or rather they do: they want to wipe out those who can’t be manipulated.

  8. The most deranged people I've ever met (outside of an actual schizophrenic) are those Democrat pro-lifers who received Cardinal Bernardin's Seamless Garment rapturously forty years ago. I watched as they voted Republican with ever-increasing discomfort. Then came the day they snapped. They became fanaticized on the subject of the alien inundation. They did not acknowledge that the people streaming across the border voted 80% pro-abortion. They did not acknowledge that the inundation imposed any costs or had any other downsides. The tens of thousands of Americans raped and murdered annually? Not a problem. The rape of 80% of females (of all ages) crossing the border? Not a problem. The industrial-scale child-rape? Not a problem.

    Their skulls are impenetrable thanks in large part to the bishops and Bergoglio, whose views on the alien inundation are pretty much as described in the previous paragraph. They already know the motives of anyone who raises any objections: racism and selfishness.

    "Catholic Social Teaching" has been reduced to two words: NO BORDERS!

  9. The tsunami of death that is just beginning to strike will make the Hitler-Stalin-Mao holocausts look like a stubbed toe.

    The death rate in the U.S. has been about 45% above normal for about 18 months--and not a single bishop has uttered a single word about it. The bishops' response to the slaughter of born people makes their post-1973 response to abortion look like John-Brown-style fanaticism.

    Another thing has become crystal-clear: Virtually nobody has NOTICED the bishops' total silence. It is NOT a topic of comment anywhere. We already have the answer to the question: If the novus ordo church disappears, will anyone notice or care?

  10. Put simply, libs and other immoral people lack logic because sin makes you stupid. It darkens the intellect.

  11. Abortion is to wipe out whites. They intend for there to be plenty of brownstains in the pampers of their brown pets.

  12. I’m sorry, anonymous, but if you research planned parenthood and it’s founders, such as Margaret Sanger, you will find many quotes indicating the desire to rid themselves of the “Negroes” as well as dirty immigrants, like the Irish and Italians who had too many children.