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Monday, January 30, 2023

How Do We Survive Living in a Dystopian World Run by Caligula Clones?

Meanwhile we throw tanks and buckets of taxpayers' money at Ukraine!

The early martyrs no doubt had a sense of unreality as their world was turned upside down by tyranny and persecution. Vice was rampant in the first century pagan world with many of the same horrors Catholics face in our own dystopian age. Babies were exposed on the hillsides under the law of paterfamilias. Guards were placed to arrest Christians trying to rescue them. No defying the death-dealing desire of dads who wanted dead babies. [And it goes on! Think of the FBI raiding the home of pro-life activist Mark Houck on a spurious FACE charge! He is in court this morning as the jury continues to deliberate. Please pray!] 

And then we have the failure to protect pregnancy help centers from violent attacks by pro-aborts. Gotta kill those babies! Let Antifa kill, loot, and burn; send the FBI swat team to terrorize pro-life activists!

The tyrant Roman emperors ruled with impunity, especially Caligula who succeeded Tiberius in 37 AD. He reigned until he was assassinated by the Praetorian guard in 41 A.D. Caligula was a grossly perverted man who engaged in incestuous lust with his sisters and then exiled them, but not before he prostituted them with his catamites.

According to the history website, “His biographer Suetonius quotes [Caligula’s] oft-repeated phrase, ‘Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody.’ [Sound familiar? He would have made a model Democrat!] Caligula tormented high-ranking senators by making them run for miles in front of his chariot. He had brazen affairs with the wives of his allies and was rumored to have incestuous relationships with his sisters.” [If he’d had a daughter would he have showered with her?] He also emptied the treasury with his profligate spending.

How did Caligula spend the taxpayers’ money? Caligula loved his horse, Incitatus, and built a lavish marble “house” with an ivory manger. It’s unclear whether he really intended to make the horse a consul, but believable in view of the contempt he had for the Roman Senate. How he insanely spent the taxpayer’s money, however, is not in dispute. Again, according to the history site:
 Caligula lavished money on building projects, from the practical (aqueducts and harbors) to the cultural (theaters and temples) to the downright bizarre (requisitioning hundreds of Roman merchant ships to construct a 2-mile floating bridge across the Bay of Bauli so he could spend two days galloping back and forth across it). In 39 and 40 he led military campaigns to the Rhine and the English Channel, where he eschewed battles for theatrical displays, commanding his troops to ‘plunder the sea’ by gathering shells in their helmets).

Clearly insane, Caligula models our own demented Commander-in-Chief who plunders the treasury and our petroleum reserves to send multi-billions to Ukraine where we have NO U.S. interests. Propping up the most corrupt government in Europe, led by another Caligula-like tyrant, has been described as “suspicious” by a number of commentators who call it a massive money-laundering operation. The Democrats impoverishment of the nation is a match for Caligula’s profligate spending.

But even more evil than theft, Biden and company rival Caligula’s murderous legacy. The emperor’s record of inflicting death is dwarfed by Biden and company’s determination to kill as many innocent babies as possible before birth and even after. Their determination to resurrect Roe through federal law thus robbing the states’ right to protect babies, will disenfranchise the country once again if the killers in Congress succeed. Thank God Republicans taking the house at least puts a temporary respite for the little ones being saved in the pro-life states.

The Democrats mirror creepy Caligula in other ways as well. Caligula is an icon for our collapsing culture led by leftists who embrace a philosophy of unreality. A lover of performance, Caligula often played dress-up and especially loved to portray himself as one of the pagan gods including the women. There’s no evidence, however, that he ever claimed, actually, to be a woman. Even insane Roman tyrants limited themselves to a modicum of reality. There is also no evidence that he ever created new pronouns. He did, however, like the Democrats, make up the laws and ignore those with which he didn’t agree. Since he didn’t have a smart phone and a ballpoint pen, though, he had to be content with waving a trident.

Does the U.S. today more resemble the Upper Room or Caligula's throne room? 


  1. Here's what I read about cruel Roman emperors in a book (The Church at the Turning Points in History by Godfrey Kurth, Angelus Press) a few nights ago:

    "The most unbridled absolutism was proclaimed as doctrine with unprecedented boldness and logic. According to the Roman law, the sovereign, that is, the emperor, was a veritable god. Not that the Roman skeptics and the unbelievers of the Empire imagined that he really possessed a divine nature - they knew the contrary but too well - but they conceded that he possessed over his subjects the same power that God Himself has over his creatures. The will of the emperor took the place of justice and law, or, to express it better, his will was law. And though that will was ordinarily but a cruel and depraved caprice, as is the case of such tyrants as Caligula, Nero, Domitian, Commodus, Caracalla, Heliogabulus, etc., the people bowed before it without resistance and without murmur, and from the depths of their agony greeted the master with the salutation of the dying gladiator. The pagan world could think of no other form of sovereign power, of no other manner of obeying it."

    So there we are. Biden is our sovereign and our pagan nation obeys his will of killing unborn babies in massive amounts for his amusement. He would be quite entertained at seeing them slaughtered in the Colosseum as he sits with little girls around him sniffing their hair.

  2. In over fifty years, only one bishop (René Gracida) has ever addressed the duty of government officials (e.g., police) to disobey criminal commands (e.g., to clear obstacles from the doors of abortion clinics). Some bishops have expressed clearly a desire that the Supreme Court and legislators "protect life." Only a handful have denied Communion to abortion enthusiasts. Which is to say that only a handful have taught that anyone in public office can commit mortal sin in connection with abortion.

    The katholyk church in America was given 49 years, from Roe to Dobbs, to flaunt its moral putrefaction before the world. No wonder it slid seamlessly into collaboration with the murder of millions of unborn and born Americans via Remdesivir, ventilators, and bio-weapon injections.

    The thing that is new is having a putative pope who implacably supports the mass murder--and has already deposed bishops who spoke up to warn their people.