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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Peter Kwasniewski Offers Translation of Gänswein's References to Traditionis Custodes at Rorate Caeli

Archbishop Georg Gänswein was summoned to a meeting with Pope Francis yesterday.
Nothing but the Truth will be translated and released in English soon.
I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at that meeting with Francis. Read more here. 

Check out Rorate Caeli where Peter Kwasniewski offers a translation of the portion of the book referring to Pope Benedict's reaction to Traditionis Custodes. The powers that be at the Vatican are probably not happy this morning. Here's a portion of the translation:
However, as [Pope Benedict] saw the subsequent developments of that reform [of the liturgy], he realized the differences between what Vatican II wanted and what was instead done by the Consilium ad exsequendam Constitutionem de Sacra Liturgia (Committee for the carrying out of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy), with the liturgy then becoming a battleground for opposing sides, particularly by making the celebration in Latin the bulwark to be defended or the bastion to be torn down. 
Benedict was especially committed to the liturgy being celebrated in its beauty, since it is the celebration of the presence and work of the living God, seeing the Eucharist as the Church's most basic and greatest gesture of worship. In his eyes, any reform of the Church had to derive from the liturgy, since it alone can embody a renewal of faith that starts from the center. And as a theologian he affirmed, "Just as I have come to understand the New Testament as the soul of theology, so I have grasped the liturgy as its raison d’être, without which it withers away."

Founding himself on this awareness, with Summorum Pontificum he wanted to make it easier for a priest to celebrate with the ancient rite, overcoming the need for reference to the diocesan bishop and granting competence to the "Ecclesia Dei" Commission. It always remained clear to him, however, that there was only one rite, albeit with the co-presence of the ordinary and the extraordinary. His only motivation was the desire to repair the great wound that had gradually been created, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Read the whole thing and weep. We are in the hands of the iconoclasts who want to tear down the faith. It reminds me of Cromwell's attack on the Catholics in England and Ireland. Our modern iconoclasts want to destroy the faith and turn Catholicism into one more protestant sect. That is why the fight is over the Mass "since it alone can embody a renewal of faith." Those with a sense of history will defend the "Mass of the Ages" which, as Pope Benedict said, "was never abrogated." 

Francis can act like Cromwell, but he will have the same "success." The English restored the monarchy that Cromwell tried to end and Charles II embraced the Catholic faith on his deathbed. England (and Ireland) suffer the consequences still, but the story isn't over. Our modern iconoclasts will fail as well, because the Traditional Latin Mass is not man's work, but God's. 

May the martyrs who died for the Mass and all our patron saints and guardian angels pray for its full restoration. Our Lady, Queen of angels and saints, pray for us.


  1. Just last night I finished "His Own Received Him Not" about Elizabethan times in England and the martyrs who gave their lives for the Holy Mass. The exact same thing is happening today but instead of hanging priests, drawing and quartering them - where they were castrated, disemboweled and had their still beating hearts torn out (like the Incas did on their high pyramid altars) - today priests are cancelled, which is a spiritual "tearing out" of their hearts.

    1. Just curious, who's the author? And is that the full title? Can't find it on Amazon or Abe Books (for out of print books). Is it fiction or nonfiction?

  2. J.K. Wittbrodt, non-fiction, Angelus Press, 2022, order line (800) 966-7337