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Saturday, January 21, 2023

More Thought Control! You Don't Comply? Off with your head!

The U.K. going after a pro-life woman for praying is just one example of a growing effort to reeducate and censor anyone who dares to deviate from the elites' woke party line. Now they're after Jordan Peterson.

Dr. Jordan Peterson Ordered to Re-education Camp Or Risks Losing License

Add to this the treatment of the January 6th protestors still locked up in the POWJ6 gulag.  Most of them were threatened with long jail terms unless they "confessed" to lesser charges. Some, like Brandon Straka, were threatened with multiple felonies even though they never even went into the Capitol building. Straka was simply videotaping outside.

Facing years in prison, he believed the liars and pled down to a misdemeanor. But punishment goes on and on. He continues to be denied access to financial platforms, etc. because of his dastardly deed. The prosecution admitted that they had no evidence of felonies and those charges would never have stood up. Who cares? It got the goal desired -- another admission of guilt from an innocent victim of the false flag event. This was devised, like all kangaroo court actions, to give a veneer of legitimacy to the tyrants. "Hey, these evil conspirators confessed to their acts of insurrection! Off with their heads!" And the Queen of Hearts moves on. It's time to realize that you cannot cooperate with these tyrants. 

Perhaps we all need to recognize the truth of Henry David Thoreau's statement:

“In an unjust society the only place for a just man is prison.”

The way things are going many of us may end up in our own Amerikan version of concentration camps and gulags. We're in a war of evil vs. good and the evil tyrants control the narrative along with their fifth columnists and fellow travelers. 

Get ready to be raided by the FBI for just living like a normal human being. Child Protective Services (CPS) is already removing children from their families often with no evidence of abuse. The case of Baby Cyrus Rodriguez is horrifying. And if you have a longer memory, recall the medical kidnapping of Justina Pelletier

"It's state subsidized child trafficking." (Diego Rodriguez, grandfather of Baby Cyrus)

States make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions in research funds, from kidnapping children. The sad thing is that cases of truly abused children are often ignored. Children who are not "valuable" for adoption or for medical research can be killed in abusive homes while CPS ignores calls. Meanwhile children who are easily adoptable or can be used for medical research are being kidnapped and CPS is rewarded with massive funding from the state and the feds.  

"It's a state and federal-funded kidnapping operation." (Colton Boyles, lawyer for Rodriguez family)

The loss of freedom in this country is escalating. Think of the FBI invasion of pro-lifer Mark Houck's home. Assaults against pro-lifers and churches are systematically ignored for investigation or prosecution while bogus cases against pro-lifers are vigorously pursued to the point of persecution. Meanwhile the BLM and Antifa murderers and looters went scot free. Do you see a pattern here? 

Mark Houck and his seven children

We are living in challenging times. I joke with my husband that an armed FBI team in body armor with assault rifles at the ready may show up at our door. Why? Because I've sent Nancy Pelosi a number of letters and Mass cards saying she is in serious spiritual danger. In today's environment can that be interpreted as a "threat?" Hey, if I was big enough potatoes, I have no doubt the feds would drum up a case against me. After all, I'm one of those dangerous pro-life domestic terrorists.

We all need to keep our rosaries in our hands and our guardian angels on alert. We're living in Babylon and the tyrants are demanding their pinch of incense. Will the next step be Kamala demanding heads on platters? 

May God protect us all from the evil tyrants running the United States of Amerika. 


  1. Well stated, as usual!

  2. Amen. Every word here is true. Our nation is no longer what we had, it is a hollowed out shell. We are under the chastisement of God for our unfaithfulness, and only He knows when it will end and how it will end. May He help us through it, and may America be returned to what she once was. In the meantime, stay salty.

  3. The woman arrested for praying silently outside an abortion clinic as a protest was arrested as God's vengeance against her for all the times in the past she said women should not be punished for seeking abortions, for all the times she argued pro-life is better than anti-abortion and anti-abortionist. Women like her mollycoddled murderers and now its time they recieve their punishment for opposing real opposition and being controlled opposition. The same applies to Jordan Peterson since he's always tried to stick in the midle AND while opposing supposedly the trans agenda against kids he used false psychology to poopoo away the existence of pedo cults among the elite (see Vox Day's post on that from a few months ago). JP actually doesn't oppose trannies or want to ban the surgeries or make doing them an execution worthy offence in law; he only cares about words, not having to say their fake pronouns. So he is fake opposition, and he even failed to prevent the forced speech laws; he is a fence sitting loser.

  4. And Brandon Straka is gay. All of that is irrelevant, Georgy. It just goes to emphasize the point that you may not deviate one iota from the elites' agenda.

    God takes us where we are and leads us gently. "A smoldering wick I will not quench and a bruised reed I will not break." I'm thankful for God's gentleness with me when I was making bad decisions and wasn't faithful to Him. I hope to be gentle and patient with others.

    Have you never been wrong and needed to be gently encouraged to change rather than be beaten over the head with a baseball bat? Your comment reminds me of the old joke about the commanding officer who said, "All leave is cancelled until morale improves."

  5. Hey George, recall that a very important person said those who judge/condemn others will be judged/condemned by those same standards. Jus sayin