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Friday, February 10, 2023

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: "The Holy See is Forces Damaging the Faith."

This interview with Bishop Schneider took place last fall at the Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh. It's worth watching two or three times to thoroughly understand the points the bishop is making. One wonders, after watching this, whether Bishop Schneider will be the next one accused of being in schism. May God protect him and keep him safe as he defends the faith in a way that is the epitome of charity. Pray for the pope and the unfaithful Vatican hierarchy who are doing so much damage to the Church.

I'll quote some of the video here and the points Archbishop Schneider makes for those who don't want to take the time to watch it. After describing the Holy See as being "occupied," this faithful bishop goes on to say that the occupation is a "temporal phenomena" (in time). One might also say "temporary": 
So therefore we also need to look supernaturally. The Church is in the hands of God, in the hands of Christ, even in the most greatest tempest of the sea, when Jesus is in the boat, sleeping, but in the boat. And the boat cannot sink!
We have to remain in the Church, Bishop Schneider admonishes us, because "where else [is there] to go?":
Even if we have to, regrettably, admonish the pope or make appeals to him and corrections, he will remain the pope, and we will continue to pray for him. And we continue to love him even more because he is in a pitiful situation. What he has to answer before the Judgment of God, just imagine. It is frightening. What he has to answer for leaving such a chaos in the Church.
We must not shut ourselves up in anger, the bishop says, because that's not the attitude of the Catholic. We must continue to pray and do sacrifices for the pope and the bishops who are doing so much damage to the Church.

Bishop Schneider also emphasizes that the TLM is a "treasure of the Holy See." It's the liturgy, not just of the pope, but the entire Church, "of our Fathers, of our saints...we have the right to this....Even if we would even formally disobey, we would obey the entire Church of all times....The Holy See is greater than a single pope....All of this is for the honor of the Holy See and ultimately for love of the pope."

What I found particularly consoling and charitable was the bishop talking about the pope standing before the judgment of God being told that because of those faithful who continued to keep the treasure of Church, the Traditional Latin Mass, including the SSPX who are NOT IN SCHISM, his guilt is somewhat lessened. Think about that! At every TLM we offer the treasure of the Church praying for the pope and the magisterium, not just those who are faithful, but those who actively damaging the faith. We are helping to mitigate their guilt.

We are the loyal opposition who love the pope and are determined to remain in the Church and keep the faith!

And let me say it once again: THE SSPX IS NOT IN SCHISM!


george said...

What even is schism? There can be no such thing. Because the Great Schism put everyone in schism already. A further schism means nothing.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You need a cup of coffee, George. I think you made that comment before you were fully awake. It makes no sense.