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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fr. Z Weighs in Again and Reiterates that the SSPX is NOT IN SCHISM!

Editor's Comment: Fr. Z has been consistent in saying that the SSPX is NOT IN SCHISM. Can anyone out there produce a "proper decree properly composed and promulgated?" I have yet to see one! I suggest people read the blog post and then read the comments which are interesting and present both sides of the question. 

ASK FATHER: Is it a sin to contribute for a side altar at an SSPX chapel?

From a reader…


Is making a sponsorship to an SSPX church a sin, if one doesn’t support being in Schism.  I have a deep love for Our Lady of Guadalupe for example and would like to support the side altar in her honor.

I assume that the SSPX chapel has a plan to create or renovate a side altar and a collection is being taken up.

A couple things.

First, we cannot accept the premise.  The SSPX, the claims of dilettantes notwithstanding, is not in schism.  When proper authority issues a proper decree properly composed and promulgated, we can review this.  Until then, charity dictates that people should back off and attend to their own affairs. [Read the rest at Fr. Z's blog.]


Professor Kowsky said...

Per Vatican I everyone is in schism because to disagree with the pope is schism per Vatican I and even Francis is in schism for disagreeing with himself. Ergo, Vatican I is heresy.

Anonymous said...

The one in schism is the church with Bergolio ruling it from Rome.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the laugh, Professor, but I think you're distorting Vatican I.

Andrew Dunn said...

SSPX haters are gonna hate no matter how hard the truth contradicts them. I think the SSPX are wonderful and while I am not a registered parishioner, I unapologetically attend the First Friday Mass at the SSPX chapel near me because they have the beautiful Litany of the Sacred Heart after Mass which my parish does not. Likewise, when I travel (frequently) to visit my family out of state, I drive by several diocesan churches, again without apology, to the SSPX chapel.

During covidism when our bishops bowed in submission to the state, the SSPX kept the sacraments flowing for the faithful. Putting Christ and His Church above Cesar, how dare they!

It's long past time for all this anti-SSPX propaganda to stop. The likelihood of the diocesan bishops and the Ecclesiae Dei communities ignoring Bergoglio's upcoming smack-down of the Traditional Latin Mass is sadly, not likely. What will all of the SSPX haters do when they are the only option (sans some underground priests) for The Mass? What will they do when, not if, Bergoglio mandates an invalid consecration and the bishops fall in line? Remember that is is a SIN to miss Mass on Sunday and it will be a SIN to knowingly attend an invalid Mass. Third Commandment is ranked higher the remaining seven for a reason.

Again it is time for the anti-SSPX propaganda to stop.

Kathleen1031 said...

(here comes the little rain cloud)

Bergoglio has no doubt gamed all this out and has his plan all set.
I remember reading not long ago about an American group of settlers, who made an agreement at a fort to surrender and not fight against some other group, which was aligned with the Native Americans. The agreement was made, they would be allowed to leave the fort they were at peacefully. As soon as the settlers left, the Indians besieged them and killed them all except the ones they would keep as slaves, etc.
Bergoglio does not seem like the type to not think of exits and close them off. He intends nobody to have the TLM, not just leave for the SSPX, which people will do in droves.
This is a guy who's been an SOB a long time. Ever see that sour puss of his? You could put that puss on a jar of pickles or rat poison. He's going to excommunicate anyone he has to, to get what he wants. Personally we're fine with that and would consider it an honor.

Anonymous said...

Holy Father Francis has not declare, proclaimed or even inferred that the SSPX is in schism. Who are we to disagree with the Vicar of Christ?

God bless

Richard W Comerford