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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Fr. Tom Collins: Schools are Pimping Our Children. It's not just high school; it begins in kindergarten!

Editor's comment: The commentary below by Fr. Tom reacts to a mother reading from a  hard core pornographic novel being used in a local high school's English class. I won't even give the title of the book and won't link to the mom's testimony. It was so evil, describing fellatio between two men, that I listened to about twenty seconds and stopped. Let me say that "extremely graphic" hardly describes it. 

This is satanic and school board members who allow it deserve to be cast into the sea with the proverbial millstone. The public schools, and even many so-called Catholic schools, are taking our children, sexualizing them, and killing their souls. We need good Catholic parents to run for school boards all over the country and stop the insanity! This is satanic grooming of our children. Teachers who use these types of material should be fired. They are pimping our children!

And it's not just high school. I received an email this week about the material in the children's section of the Front Royal library promoting the LGBTQ agenda. It's time to stop it. Utah passed a bill last year, HB374: Sensitive Materials in Schools Act, signed by the governor last March. The bill requires parental involvement. We need to work toward similar legislation in every state for both schools and community libraries. Get the porn out of the community! 

But for now, personally, I recommend guerrilla warfare. There's a place for that trash! 

Here's what Fr. Tom writes about this evil situation.
THIS IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!! But just another example of how our public schools
are being used by government bureaucrats and teachers’ unions to inject disgusting perversions among our youth for the sake of promoting the secular agendas of “inclusion” and “tolerance”.

What is even more alarming is how school board members viewed making such graphic pornography available to children as merely “inappropriate”.

As an aside, note that over 75% of Catholic youth attend public schools. And only about 25% of these regularly attend any parish religious education program, many of which are, for the sake of being more “inclusive”, tainted with moral and doctrinal ambiguity.

It is no wonder that so many dioceses are trying to build up their endowment funds, since so many of our youth are blinded by amoral worldly gratifications, peer pressure and the tyranny of political correctness to their need for conversion and sanctification – and thus are highly unlikely to become contributing members of a parish community.

If this juggernaut of perversion continues with no decisive opposition from Church leaders (as it has for over half a century), many church congregations over the coming years will look more like retirement communities than vibrant faith-filled communities. But sadly, it looks like reports of such perverse grooming of children will be largely ignored as being merely “anecdotal” by the powers-that-be at the USCCB and in the official Catholic media.

God save us!

Fr. Tom


  1. I live in a large condo complex consisting of three high-rise towers. In my tower's basement level where the entrance to the parking garage is, there is one of those community libraries where you can take a book, leave a book. I have on more than one occasion, thrown away immoral books that I saw there - right into the filthy dumpster. I urge everyone else to do the same in your public libraries, community libraries and definitely your kids school libraries. We have to fight back and if that means guerrilla style, so be it.

  2. "We need good Catholic parents to run for school boards all over the country and stop the insanity! "

    Public schools should be treated like soup kitchens (only for the needy) rather than daycare centers for the double incomes. These stay-at-work parents are not paying attention while the government schools implode, and are just going to go along to get along. "School choice" offers no will just, again, be the government payor calling the tune.

    Those who can, homeschool!

  3. Better yet, shred them and use them as pet litter, then compost.

  4. Just close the schools down. And if that causes a rise in black youf violence put the offenders to death. Because the only argument in facor of keeping schools open is as a jail for black youfs.