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Friday, February 3, 2023

Rooster Looster Mike Voris is Crowing in the Barnyard Again! "The Schismatics are Coming! Run for Your Lives!"

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A friend of mine, a long-time sidewalk counseling partner from the past, sent me an email linking to Mike Voris' latest attack on the SSPX. Good grief! Give it a rest, Michael!

Ho-hum and yawn. Mikey has definitely become Rooster Looster one note, one long, screeching, discordant note. Like a cockscomb-clad court jester, he calls us all to dance to his crowing. He screeches that the SSPX is damaging the faith and driving people out of the Church. 

What nonsense! 

I have never seen so many people intent on keeping the faith and committed to praying for our dysfunctional pope and magisterium than I have since I joined the SSPX chapel. If anyone is damaging the faith, it's Voris and company in their crowing, cackling barnyard running around screaming that the sky is falling. Only butchering the "schismatic" SSPX can save us. Off with their heads! And the last three popes agree. And besides, Cardinal Burke says they are schismatic, so there!

My friend is dear to me and I value his opinions, but this one had to be answered so I sent him the following email (slightly edited):
Dear John (not his real name),

I stopped believing that grifter years ago. If a pope makes an off-the-hand comment about the SSPX being schismatic is that a doctrinal statement everyone has to believe? Cardinal Burke is not the pope or the magisterium. He is one canon lawyer with an opinion. There are plenty of others who disagree with him. Voris turns Burke’s statement into an ex cathedra papal document.

The closest Voris can come to his claim they are schismatic is the Motu Proprio, Ecclesia Dei, saying the ordination of the bishops without papal authority was a “schismatic act.” What’s interesting is that John Paul II himself consecrated bishops without papal permission. He was not a canon lawyer and he was ruling at a time when many clerics in the Vatican were already undermining the faith. Did he get bad advice and include that statement without sufficient consultation or understanding? Excommunication is not the same as schism. It’s laughable that Voris quotes Pope Francis. Did Francis call the SSPX schismatic in an airplane interview? How about in a footnote of one of his Motu Proprios?

In view of the fact that we are seeing many false, and even heretical, things in Motu Proprios these days, one cannot just accept without criticism things that are morally and doctrinally questionable. Was the situation at the time of the SSPX ordinations any less serious than the Communist situation in Poland when JP II ordained bishops without approval? I think not. 

Consider the seminaries that were already infested with homosexual students and even using pornography in formation. The reason Archbishop Lefebvre began the SSPX was because of young seminarians begging him to provide a place for them to serve after ordination. The Church was in chaos after Vatican II, and the seminarians feared no diocese would want them because none were allowing the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). Everyone believed that the Mass of the ages was abrogated until Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum formally declared that it never was. 

Let’s look at the facts.

The SSPX have authority to hear confessions and witness marriages and confer ordination on their priests. When have schismatics ever received that authority? And it’s interesting that there is no statement that marriages celebrated in SSPX chapels before the permission was given need to be regularized. Nope! Nada! 

Think about the cases of invalid baptisms in the Novus Ordo Church and the priests who had to go back and receive all the sacraments validly, including re-ordination, because their baptisms were invalid. Similar situations took place among the laity. A friend of mine had to have her son re-baptized because of it. No such situation exists with the SSPX, and, in fact, never existed before Vatican II.

Fr. Zachary Boazman who had to be re-ordained because of his invalid baptism.

So here are some of the documents that show that the SSPX is not in schism.
The document allowing the SSPX to witness marriages:

The decree remitting the excommunication:
Please don’t spread the Voris nonsense around. If the rumor is true and an Apostolic Constitution is released in the Spring that further crushes the TLM by going after the FSSP, the Institute of Christ the King, etc. the only haven will be SSPX chapels. The rumor also indicates that suppression of kneeling and receiving Communion on the tongue at Novus Ordo Masses is also likely in the works. At the recent Vatican ceremony to invest lectors and catechists, those involved were mandated not to receive kneeling or on the tongue. 

Will ad orientem Novus Ordos also be banned?

The writing is on the wall for further restrictions of both the TLM and the Novus Ordo by Francis and his cohorts. We are living in challenging times. Things will become clearer as time goes on. In the meanwhile, just as Paul resisted Peter when he was clearly in the wrong, it behooves us to resist the immoral acts of this scandalous pope. At the same time we must pray and do penance for him and for the protection of Holy Mother Church.

That was the end of my email. 

But let me close by saying that the SSPX and the faithful attending their chapels love the Church and the pope. I pray for him every day and send my guardian angel to pray with his. But I cannot follow where he deviates from Doctrine (approving Communion for Protestants and those living in adultery and advancing syncretism) and Sacred Tradition. To follow anyone, even the pope, into rejection of immutable moral doctrines is not Catholic! 

The SSPX upholds the truths of the faith. When Archbishop Lefebvre was asked about the future, he said if God did not want the SSPX it would disappear, but if it was His will it would continue. All was in God's hands. 

Right now, the SSPX represents the fifth largest community of priests in the world. Only the Jesuits, Franciscans, Benedictines, and Augustinians have more ordained priests. Let us pray unceasingly that God might give us many holy priests everywhere for the sake of the flock. And may we always preserve and defend the faith of our fathers!


Andrew Dunn said...

It's interesting that Voris and Niles have been so hysterical in recent years with their attacks on all things traditional within the Church. The SSPX, the Carmelites (big, big mistake to attack them), and isolated attacks on the Latin Mass itself and the FSSP. Perhaps it is all a coincidence, but it does reek like an organized attack, in conjunction with the bad guys in Rome and their puppet masters in the global, freemasonic, new world order. Whatever their (wicked) intentions, Voris and Niles really have no credibility any more. They have become ridiculous cartoon characters. The only people clicking through to their tabloid trash website these days are those who haven't yet been able to kick their habit to all things scandalous. I hope and pray those people will tune CM out and re-focus their time on the Sacred Scriptures and the writings of the Saints.

Anonymous said...

This has been sick and getting worse their MV and CN attacks on the Society of St. Pius X. This past week, I was not going to listen to the Vortex, but I caved in... Holy Toledo... everyday an attack on the Society... I wish they would do their research and think before they open up their mouths. I hope that either MV or CN or another employee of CM would read this comment of mine... and "Let this go already" you are making fools out of yourselves! Oh yes, you have "faithful" supporters, but I believe that there are many more who have walked away from CM because of your hateful attacks. I am waiting for CN's new program "Forward" to do a bashing episode/s on SSPX... give it time and she will attack. I pray for them and pray and hope that they chill out already, because it is becoming a sick "Comedy" already! They lost me a long time ago, and speaking with others, people are tired and leaving them... By the way... Leave alone already... Taylor Marshall, Lifesite News, Michael Matt and others alone, we know who you are attacking by your comments and it's oh so sad. At one time you were all friends and slowly but surely you CM became so full of yourselves that you distanced yourselves from them, because you really believe that your "Apostolate" was the only true Apostolate around, guess what you are not. God bless all!

Johnson said...

Voris is Milo 1.0, if you know what I mean.

Dr. Brian Kopp said...

I do not attend the SSPX but I despise all these current attacks against them from Voris, Salza et al.

It perfectly coincides with this Vatican regime’s attacks on the TLM - outlaw it, corral all lovers of the TLM into the SSPX, then trump up false charges against the SSPX and declare them schismatic and anyone who attends their chapels excommunicated.

Am I implying Voris, Salza et al are “in on this”?

Not at all.

But the devil is orchestrating it, even if his marionettes don’t think they’re being played.

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

The SSPX is indeed a subjectively schismatic organization, since they believe that Francis is an actual pope, yet they pick and choose what they'll obey. This is not at all the actual Catholic attitude towards an actual pope, as made abundantly clear on Novus Ordo Watch and elsewhere. .

However, since objectively speaking the entity now led by Antipope Francis isn't the actual Catholic Church, the SSPX is therefore not objectively schismatic. This is the only way I can justify continuing to go to the SSPX.

If I still believed that the entity now led by Francis were indeed the actual Catholic Church, and that Francis were indeed an actual pope, I could no longer justify going to the SSPX.

At any rate, I can see myself eventually completely renouncing the SSPX because of their refusal to accept manifest reality.

Lynne said...

I wonder if they (Rome) are going to go after the Anglican Ordinate too? They're like a reverent Novus Ordo.

James said...

Church Militant collapsed long ago. I refer to it as the National Catholic Enquirer. Their attack on the Wyoming Carmelites was the defining moment. No recovery from that one.

Debbie said...

Exactly Jeremiah. Bp. Sanborn has made the point that the SSPX claims to be in union with the pope and the NO Church, yet their status with all the popes from Paul VI to Francis is "canonically irregular". The (valid) pope is the principle of unity and decides who is and who is not in union with him. They've put themselves above who they call pope. That is not's protestantism.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"They've put themeselves above who they call pope."

Debbie and Jeremiah,

How have you not made yourselves pope and magisterium by declaring the pope is not the pope? Where do you get your authority? Aren't you doing what the East did during the Great Schism?

Omigosh! I think you are both schismatics!

Debbie said...

Mary Ann, one doesn't need to be a theologian to recognize heresy. St. Paul says "If we or an angel from heaven...."

The state of the Church and the world, the traditional movement and the very obvious "fruit" of VII speaks for itself.

Ask yourself and your priest if the NO Mass and the VII doctrines of ecumenism, religious liberty, and collegiality are from heaven or from man. And if the VII sect is the Catholic Church, as they claim, then ask yourself and your priest, why is their status "canonically irregular" and "partial communion"? Just as there is no such thing as a little pregnant, there's no such thing as partial communion with the true Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious to me that the man is not right in the head. I do not say as an insult. I spoke at length with him once. It was creepy. The video below is a bit strange itself but illuminates the subject.

All those hysterical calls to 'save the Church' are designed to increase donations. Wake up. Most 'lay ministries' publish 'news' that identify a 'danger' that will be 'fought' by the knights in white armor ONLY if they have enough money.

Give your money to those YOU KNOW are going through rough times. Do it anonymously just as Jesus instructed. If you see someone in a Catholic website carrying a rifle or mounted on a white horse and wielding a big sword beware: they are disturbed people and those who follow them are disturbed as well.

Keep you eyes open and your hearts pure.