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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Rooster Looster's "Trads of Flick Flock" Snake Oil Show

 Rooster Looster crowing about how they're getting richer but unfortunately still failures
(Dr Hook and the Medicine Show - "Cover of the Rolling Stone")

Note: In Matthew 5:38 most Bibles say "turn the other cheek" but my New Global Progressive translation says "tongue in cheek".

The following is a review of Rooster Looster's Barnyard Militant with emphasis on his show, The Geyser, where lies and falsehoods are spread across the planet on purpose in order to destroy other people. As Rooster Looster crows this he theatrically circles his wings in the air and cock-a-doodle-doos that lies and falsehoods are being set free around the globe.

At one time Rooster Looster subliminally embedded within The Geyser his animus against the SSPX, however currently he's brought his cock-fight to the forefront with Barnyard Militant's new show, The Trads of Flick Flock, wherein Rooster rants about the Vetus Ordo and the SSPX. 

Every week Rooster Looster posts his Flick Flock videos on the horrors of SSPX Tradition, SSPX Traditionalism, SSPX Traditionalists, the SSPX Traditional Latin Mass, SSPX priests, SSPX renegade Catholics and the SSPX in general, saying that the SSPX is in schism, the SSPX is schismatic, and that Tradition is only schismatic when done by the SSPX. 

Rooster Looster's bad blood against the SSPX makes the Catholic world wonder why he displays such venom (Barnyard Militant's Snake Oil merch shown below!) toward this one particular priestly society. Is his loathing personal? Or does his deep-seated ill will have $$$$ as its basis. At its core? If so, who's funding this poisonous (DONATE to get your free Magic Poison Elixir) hatred against the SSPX? Who's monetarily manipulating Rooster? Is it Chrazzie Little? (Nah. She's too entangled in beating her head against the male power structure.)

Shop Barnyard Militant's merchandise now - choose your poison!
Logos also available on T-shirts and mugs. 

Do Rooster's conned contributors donate enough money to support the Barnyard? All that hay and grain costs money and currently it's known around the shed row that Rooster Looster wants gold fighting spurs instead of silver. Tractors are expensive plus the cost of gas and other equipment is outrageous. Or is a truckload of money from Novus Ordo anti-SSPX "contributors" from the Big Sheep Ranch over yonder delivered to the back paddock then secretly shuffled through side barn door? 

The latest copy of the Shed Row Times seems to have that answer. While Barnyard Militant  continuously crows about being the top Catholic barnyard...the only CATHOLIC existence, it's obvious that their dreams of being on the cover of the Rolling Stone will never become a reality. Their weekly rage against the Old Mass and the SSPX serve to assure Traditionalists and SSPXers that they (Traditionalists and SSPXers) are on the right track.

Why? Because money obtained from the leftist Globo-homo elite puppet masters currently controlling the Big Sheep Ranch to fund duped puppets such as Rooster Looster and Chrazzie Little mean that THEIR agenda is to destroy the TLM and the SSPX worldwide. Catholics intelligent enough not to be manipulated see through this ruse. 

Unfortunately, all that money has bought Barnyard Militant, Rooster Looster and Chrazzie Little. They've muzzled themselves. They cannot speak for themselves because the puppet masters write the script. And the puppets had better obey their puppet masters or there'll be no golden rooster spurs, no grain bins filled to overflowing and no cover of the Rolling Stone.

What Rooster and Chrazzie will see, though, as they try to destroy the SSPX, is their own failure at that task for they'll be forced to watch as the SSPX grows and grows and grows ... and ... grows.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Gotta laugh. They're offering half off their premium subscriptions. They're also trying to look more orthodox by adding "Strickland Speaks." I wonder how long it will be before they throw him under the bus with all the other folks who support the traditional Latin Mass. One of Rooster Looster's fellow cocks is Dave Gordon who tells us all that it's time for the TLM to go away. Wrap it up, you TLM fanatics! I haven't heard that particular Cock-a-doodle-do coming from the head cock....yet. Give it time. They put on a good medicine show of supporting bishops like Athanasius Schneider and Bishop Strickland, but they'll no doubt set the border collie on them as things go on to herd them into the corral. After all, how can they not stand with the only authentic Catholic farm in the world? Good luck, guys! The TLM is here to stay.

Andrew Dunn said...

If CM crashes and burns, they could always get new jobs. I hear the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center are looking for people to keep a watch on those bad, bad, Latin Mass trads.

Anonymous said...

You’re comment made me chuckle. Thx!