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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Guest Post: Vote NO -- Virginia “Reproductive Freedom” Constitutional Amendment

Editor's Comment: Parents, protect your children from this evil legislation! And protect all people from sex trafficking! This legislation was drafted in the bowels of hell. Pray the St. Michael prayer and then contact your delegate and senator. It's easy to do by clicking on the link provided by Bob.

By: Hon. Robert Marshall, Past 26-year General Assembly Member

Contact your Virginia delegate/senator TODAY

Democrat Delegate Charniele Herring and Democrat Senator Jennifer McClellan have introduced “reproductive freedom” Amendments to Virginia’s Constitution (HJR 519 and SJR 255), which read: “That every individual has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom.”

The term “individual” has no gender or age limit. Since the amendment protects the “individual,” and not just adults or women only, minor males as well as females, could exercise their “reproductive freedom” by consenting to being sterilized, taking dangerous puberty blocking hormones, surgically removing their sex organs without parental knowledge or consent and minor females could undergo abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy without parental knowledge or consent.
The proposed Amendment states, “The Commonwealth shall not discriminate in the protection or enforcement of this fundamental right.” The Supreme Court ruled, “neither the Fourteenth Amendment nor the Bill of Rights is for adults alone.” [In re Gault, 1967]

A Planned Parenthood clinic or other entity that “treated” a minor without parental knowledge or consent, could not be sued by a concerned parent, because the Amendment states: “nor shall the Commonwealth penalize, prosecute, or otherwise take adverse action against an individual who aids or assists another individual, with such individual's voluntary consent, in the exercise of such individual's right to reproductive freedom.” Sexually “progressive” school counselors, administrators, or social welfare employees could “affirm” sex and gender changes and procure birth control and abortion for minors behind parents’ backs without fear of lawsuits.

These Amendments erase the age of consent for sexual relations, turning Virginia’s current laws against statutory rape, and adults having sex with minors into matters of personal choice. Nor could sale or use of pornographic films, images or sex toys, be prohibited to minors. This is a dream come true for radical deviant sexual advocates.

Laws prohibiting prostitution would be an illegal restraint on “reproductive freedom.”

Criminal sexual trafficking laws now protecting minors from sexual predator adults will be unenforceable because minors would have the legal capacity to “consent” to any sexual behavior with any number of people of any age.

The Amendments would also severely restrict laws the legislature could pass to curb “reproductive freedom” to only those that could pass “strict scrutiny” by courts. Law Scholar, Elizabeth Kirk, J. D., told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (1/21/2020) that state courts in nine states, using the “strict scrutiny standard,” have struck down laws which restricted abortion funding, required parental consent or notification before a minor’s abortion, provided waiting periods prior to abortion, or required abortion to be performed by a licensed physician. The strict scrutiny standard would also apply to any Assembly efforts to restrict minors from pursuing their ”fundamental right” to transgender sex changes on their own.

If Delegate Herring and Senator /McClellan’s “reproductive freedom” amendments pass:

· Parents could have no role in the abortion decisions of their minor children.

· Tax funding of abortion would be necessary to exercise a constitutional right.

· Abortions would be legal for all 9 months of pregnancy including when children can survive outside the womb and can feel pain.

· Premature or sick babies could legally be denied “extraordinary health care.”

· Minors could consent to sterilization, puberty blocking hormones, transgender drugs, and removal of their sex organs.

· Laws against adults having sex with minors would be abolished.

Interestingly, the word “abortion” is nowhere in the Amendment, but clearly, removing all legal restrictions to abortion is a major reason for the Amendment. A 1970 California Medicine editorial stated:

. . . it has been necessary to separate the idea of abortion from the idea of killing, which continues to be socially abhorrent … The result has been a curious avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone really knows, that human life begins at conception … .”

For the Commonwealth of Virginia to even consider placing on the ballot, an Amendment to our Constitution which would remove every possible legal protection from innocent babies waiting to be born, from minors who could be easily manipulated by individuals who do not have their best interests in mind, and prevent parents from protecting their minor children, is truly an abomination.

No language restricts “reproductive freedom” to Virginia residents. Any “individual” wishing to exercise “reproductive freedom” could come to Virginia for unrestricted abortion, sterilization, dangerous hormones and removal of sex organs.

This is hardly the loving plan which the Author of Life had in mind for His Creation!

If you wish to protect our young people from grave physical and spiritual sexual danger, parents from losing the ability to exercise any legal ability to fight for their minor children, and institutions from promoting the radical policies allowed under the “Reproductive Freedom” regime, then vote these Amendments down!


  1. "That every individual has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom, except men to whom we by declaring a cart blanche reproductive freedom to women shall ban from having any reproductive freedom."

    Roman law was best. The husband could have the kid killed if it came out the wrong color. But the woman had no right to kill her husband's kid, on penalty of execution.

  2. Absolutely horrifying. Why is it women in power seem to be the most devious and hell bent on destroying children?

    -Mrs. T

  3. I presume your comment is tongue-in-cheek, Julius. Unfortunately, in many cases it is, indeed, the father pressuring the woman to kill their child. Those men who do just want a recyclable sex toy with no responsibility.

  4. It sounds to me that Caesar is intimating that women with complete reproductive freedom would also have the right to abort a child without any input from the father, who therefore would have no reproductive right to interfere in the murder of his child.